Ace Combat 6: Take to the Skies

More than three dozen new screenshots show the beauty of soaring through the skies with missiles locked and loaded.

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PS360PCROCKS5426d ago

This game looks really good

Xeoset5426d ago

This game is b-e-a-utiful. Killzone 2? Mass Effect? Halo 3? This game is getting better and better.

I got to play the Demo in 720p earlier and it was serious fun. I'll be picking this up aswell as the Joystick for the 360.

i Shank u5426d ago

bro i used to have ace combat 2 and the dual joystick for PS2, it made the game fvcking incredible, the blocky butt looking grphx transformed into beauty when played with the joysticks, definitley get 'em if you can afford em. my damn 360 is still in repair so i envy you ppl playing the demo