Gears 3, Zelda and Crysis 2: The Most Anticipated E3 Games

GT: The biggest gaming event of the year is near, and Gamespot decided to ask gamers all over the world witch games are they most excited to see at E3. The readers are voting and the results are coming and this are the console games that (at the moment) gamers are most anxious to see.

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FangBlade3065d ago ShowReplies(11)
movements3065d ago

No one knew for sure whether Killzone would be out yet so it couldn't have been on that list.

N4PS3Fanboys3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

It wouldn't have been on the list anyway, because it's not as popular as those other 3 games.

TooTall193065d ago

not as popular, but Killzone is still better than all 3 of those other games.

Conloles3064d ago

Ill take Battlefield 3 over all of these titles.

ShinMaster3064d ago

Except for Zelda, hope it's pretty awesome.

mikeslemonade3064d ago

Most gamers are sheep. They don't know what is good out there. They will play the same milked franchise over and over again. They don't know what they are missing.

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36T3064d ago

TooTall19, That was pretty funny! Thanks!

TooTall193064d ago

but it's true for me. I've beaten Zelda games on every Nintendo console and Gears 1 three times. I have a little interest in the new Zelda and Gears compared to Killzone 3.

-MD-3065d ago

Zelda might push me over the edge to buy a Wii.

HighDefinition3065d ago

How have I not yet played a HD Zelda? I hate you Nintendo, I hate you.

Redrum0593065d ago

Thats how I felt, Zelda and metroid were my fav franchises until they went all casual and non HD .

Seferoth753065d ago

LOL I love how those games are casual now because they are not HD..

Someone needs to take 5 minutes out of their first gen to learn what some things actually mean.

hatchimatchi3064d ago

you realize that nothing on the wii is in HD. You point is moot.

If that's what you're waiting for then you've been missing out. Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, etc. All outstanding games that don't need to be played in HD to be enjoyed.

tunaks13064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

"Thats how I felt, Zelda and metroid were my fav franchises until they went all casual and non HD ."
umm did i miss something, when did these franchises go casual? These franchises are more difficult then most games you find on the ps3 and 360...

likedamaster3064d ago

"How have I not yet played a HD Zelda?"

I feel the exact same way.

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Unicron3065d ago

Indeed. I sold my Wii long ago, but if I could find Prime Trilogy... that, SMG2, and Zelda would mean it's time to open up the ole wallet.

WildArmed3065d ago

The last Zelda was a blast to play, but after awhile it looses it's fun.

I hope they really step it up a notch.
Zelda:OTC is the best action RPG I've played.
I want a true sucessor

DA_SHREDDER3065d ago

I liked Majora's mask even more. But sure, im down for a sick ass Zelda. The best are still the old school classics.

tunaks13065d ago

Zelda Wii is number 1 for me

koehler833065d ago

I couldn't give a damn about Gears or Crysis and I will never again own a Wii, so Zelda, though exciting in theory, means nothing in practice.

I just want to hear more about FFXIV. That's likely going to sum up my gaming career and life in general for the next few years.

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