Dice Is The Best Developer - Chosen By 10.000 Gamers

The source published a top-10-list of the best developers chosen by 10.000 gamers. Dice placed first. Even 2k Czech and Blizzard Entertainment are named. The complete list through the link.

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Al Bundy3089d ago

No way. Naughty Dog is the best.

wxer3089d ago

Dice Is ONE of The Best Developers

and DICE is great but EA is holding them back

Conloles3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Clearly Naughty Dog isn't the best if 10000 voted and it was wrong. DICE have been producing great games for ages unlike Naughty Dog who haven't produced nearly as many good games. I'm not saying Naughty Dog are bad, far from it they're pretty good but DICE helped revolutionise PC gaming into what it is today.

Trey_4_life3089d ago Show
Conloles3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Actually both consoles are holding DICE back, Pc is where they make the best games and when Battlefield 3 deploys in its PC gloriness finally it won't be held back by consoles. If you look at Battlefield BC2 on a PC you can CLEARLY see it is so superior even though it is still from a console port.

waltercross3089d ago

DICE being the best developer is only some peoples opinions, I never heard of them untill now and I'm a Gamer, I'd say one of the Best Developers in my Opinion is R* because they often take gambles, like being sued LOL, they also make complex games.

Another good Developer is Nintendo, but these are just my opinions.

DarkSpawnClone3089d ago

@gtamike "Valve is the best " LOL!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! thats funyy. are you high XD!!!! ?

a_squirrel3089d ago

Wow, some naughty dog fanboys here....

Be nice people :)

by the way, Dice is awesome (IN MY OPINION)

Epicor3089d ago

You never heard of DICE? Granted, you might be a gamer but you surely don't know a shit about gaming industry...

In my opinion the best developers AT THE MOMENT are: Naughty Dog, DICE, Santa Monica studios, Bioware, Blizzard, Guerilla and Infinity Ward (well, IW used to be before all the shit) ;). Honorable mentions: Remedy, Insomniac games, Media Molecule, Studio Liverpool and Sucker Punch.

Probably Polyphony Digital and Team Ico will join that club but they haven't really delivered THIS GEN (sure GT5 prologue was great, but I'm still waiting for GT5). Someone might consider Epic and Bungie as top developers as well, but I haven't really enjoyed their games that much.

R* and SE have dropped the ball this gen...for me that is. Still their games manage to sell like crazy so they must be doing something right. Actually I really enjoyed FF13 but it's not the same than pre-FFX games.

PotatoClock3089d ago

Lol, I was gonna agree with you Epicor. But then you ranked IW as one of the best developers...... :\

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AK463089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

So true. They are just feeding off on what Ninja Theory had said about a week ago, about Naughty Dog being best console game developer.

FishCake9T43089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Dude its all about Polyphony Digital. How many other devs would spend the amount of time they do making sure the game is perfect? Some Devs today seem to rush out their games, spending no time checking quality, for money.......cough Infinity Ward cough.

Edit: Not to mention giving gamers a chance to become real life racing drivers (in partnership with Sony).

dangert123089d ago Show
Hideo_Kojima3089d ago

The thing about polyphony digital is that they already made a profit from GT5.

But than again other developers make billions and refuse to spend more than 20 million on their game *coughs*IW*coughs*

GTA5p has made enough money to pay off the development on GT5p and GT5.

They could take as long as they want they are under no pressure apart from the pressure of the fans and Sony who I am sure just cant wait for GT5 to sell millions on PS3s in days.

Nike3089d ago


Infinity Ward making billions? What?

Also, not every developer has a couple of mil in their pockets. Appreciate the games that come out, not the budget that governs them.

N4BmpS3089d ago

That wasn't Infinity Ward's fault really, Activision was pushing to release the game for that exact release date that was set. Plus they weren't paid yet for the work they did on CoD4.

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dangert123089d ago

i call turn 10
no content locked on the cd constantly refreshing the game adding ginvg away free dlc and credits etc

Brklynty13089d ago

What?! You honestly believe PD delayed GT5 because of Forza 3? GT5 was delayed for mutiple reasons, they had to wait for EA and Nascars contract to end to begin development on the nascar part of the game, then Sony made them set the date for spring to launch with Move, then when move got delayed, they made them set it for fall because of 3D and to launch with Move as a launch title. Seriously, Turn 10 is nothing compared to PD, Prolouge was better than Forza 3 and it was a "demo"

GoAheadAndDisagree3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Naughty Dog certainly is a great dev but I wouldn't call them the best.

The best imo is Blizzard. Starcraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft2-3, that's every gamer's childhood right there. Everything they touch turns to pure gold.

Seferoth753089d ago

Sorry but those games were not part of my childhood and I am a gamer.

You do know that gaming started in the 70's right? So a lot of gamers were adults before those games even released.

Yi-Long3089d ago

... and especially Rallisport Challenge 2 (my favourite race/rally game of ALL TIME!), and Battlefield 1943! (We need more maps!!!)

I just love the way the levels in their game look, with gorgeous lighting which just adds a tremendous deal to the beauty of a level.

ajeben8093089d ago

is getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Ide say they are one of the better developers but not in the best. I do like what they've done though.

bjornbear3089d ago

honestly it really depends.

ND can still be considered the most solid CONSOLE dev out there, but i also agree DICE are quite amazing =D

vhero3089d ago

Naughty dog only produce on PS3 though so no doubt 360 and wii gamers will not vote for them where as dice produce for the two nex gen consoles. There is no true way to make it a fair vote. DICE is good though you cannot deny that EA done good by hiring them.

IdleLeeSiuLung3089d ago

There are so many good developers including Dice, but come on there are far better games than Bad Company 2. I enjoyed Modern Warfare 2 way more than I did BC2.

What about Bioware, Bungie, Infinity Ward, Epic Games, Blizzard, Naughty Dog, some other of Sony's 1st party and the list goes on....

IcarusOne3089d ago

Did they mean 10,000 with a comma? Or is this a clever way of getting hits when in actuality then only polled 10 gamers? Because honestly, who cares what 10 random gamers think? Actually, who cares what 10,000 gamers think? It only matters what you think. Besides, didn't we all grow out of "blah blah blah is the BEST!"

Some favs:
Naughty Dog
That Game Company

FlipMode3089d ago

From a PC website? Surprising results

pixelsword3089d ago

Isn't 10.000 gamers just 10 gamers?

phosphor1123089d ago

They are certainly up there. Such a great company. They are probably the best for PS3 devs though, no doubt.

BWS19823089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

No, 10,000 people voting does not confirm that. Millions of gamers in the world are not represented by 10,000. A majority does not confirm a fact, it just confirms the majority opinion (of a suspect source, a PC gaming site), nothing more. It carries weight, but it's still subjective, so you can lay off that one, Conloles...

I feel they're one of the best, and I have a huge liking for them, but c'mon, a survey isn't irrefutable proof unless you're trying to prove how that many people feel. If you go off the majority, you'd see that the Wii is the best console this gen...You wanna defend that one?

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Letros3089d ago

Give us Battlefield 3 already!

ATLGAMER3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Maybe Arguably.....but all they have made is fps to my knowledge ...

Except for mirrors edge

Hakimy3089d ago

the title is's about pc games only.
"Over 10,000 readers of the magazine PC ACTION, whose website you just visited, voted for their favorites from and elected the most anticipated PC games"

aryan_irani3089d ago

dice made games exclusively for the ps3 with nothing holding them back. imagine the sheer quality on that one

kraze073089d ago

dice made games exclusively for the pc with nothing holding them back. imagine the sheer quality on that one


dice made games exclusively for the 360 so they can use the uh...uh... nah cant think of anything sorry

aryan_irani3089d ago

i havent seen that much pc games that match ps3 exclusives. yeah crysis is pretty advanced but what else? nothing

PotatoClock3089d ago

Fail Aryan.
Your a PS3 fanboy, but apparently you know every single game that came out only on PC too, and can accurately judge that PS3 exclusives are better.
Don't embarrass yourself now.