First Look at BLUR in 3D

The Future is 3D! Some exciting screenshots of Blur allows you a look at the future of 3D gaming

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hay3065d ago

Actually that's not the stereoscopy Sony pushes. This kind of 3D can be incorporated in pretty much every game so this is not the future. It's good old anaglyphic image.

Hideo_Kojima3065d ago

anaglyphic is fun but that stuff DOES give you a headache

kingdavid3065d ago

So did widescreen tvs when they came out. I think we'll get used to it.

Chris_TC3065d ago

Well, this is the only reasonable way to present screenshots on the internet, even if the quality is nowhere near frame sequential 3D.

PS360PCROCKS3065d ago

david I'm not sure why u got disagrees. When I bought my 50" Plasma I had problems watching it for 2 weeks because of the size of it was messing with my eyes. I couldn't view it for more than 45 minutes before it killed my head.

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monkey nuts3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

They had the same feature in PGR4. You could turn on the 3d effect for replays if my memory is correct.

extermin8or3065d ago

all this 3D stuff, i played batman:AA in 3D gave me headache ad didn't look as sharp, personally I'd rather play in HD however as long as they alow people to do both I have no issue its if they decide to go 3D only that i'll probably stop gaming, watching films ect ect

JustTheFactsMr3065d ago (Edited 3065d ago )

That's the cheap anaglyph for you. It's why it never caught on.

It's the solution you will see from multi-platform titles because HDMI 1.2 found in the 360 doesn't support the HDMI 1.4 spec for stereoscopic 3D used by PC's and the PS3.

The only way the 360 can support it is if the developers write in special support for every TV on the market like Avatar had to do. And they didn't so there was just a subset of TV's on the market it worked with. No standard also meant no industry wide adoption and more problems and time consuming development.

Or you can buy a PC or PS3 which will both get full stereoscopic 3D using the HDMI 1.4 spec on any of the 3D tv's now coming to market.

And it's optional. Just like Live. Nobody is shoving it down anyones' throat. And it's a free firmware update. For both movies and games.

Would have to track down the link but the real percentage of people that real issues with stereoscopic 3D is around 6% and for many of them it's actually and indication they need glasses or a new prescription. IOW the 3D convergence issues and the tolerances required simply highlight an underlying issue that should be addressed anyway. It just brings it to the forefront.

phalanx_mark3065d ago

theres no consensus that 3d actually benefits movie-making. However i think there will be gaming. There are so many games where sensation of depth and motion through a 3d environment are critical. 3d will help you predict a grenade arc in an fps without needing a tracer line. it will also let you better judge the distance of corners and your approach speed in racers. Because essentially there is an input- feedback cycle in games that does not exist in films 3d will become essential.

Chris_TC3065d ago

3D in games will eventually be combined with head-tracking. This will then give you "real" 3D environemnts which update their view as you move your head. This kind of thing is not possible in movies.

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