Sony On PSP2: You'll Find Out At E3

Sony's Sid Shuman has said the even though the company cannot comment on speculation, gamers will find out whether the PSP2 exists at this years E3 conference.

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qface643090d ago

that pretty much confirms it will be there

RememberThe3573090d ago

Kind of sucks for PSP Go owners though...

Eamon3090d ago

lol, good thing i never got it.
I'm hoping Sony won't overcharge PSP2 like they did when PSP first came out. But that's highly unlikely. =(

Noctis Aftermath3090d ago



It does lead me to believe that they will show the PSP2 at E3, then again it could be sony trying to get people to focus on it being at E3 only for it not to be there and then people might forget about it and then at Toyko game show BAM! PSP2!

Also PSPgo owners can whine all they want but they got what they payed for, nothing less, nothing more.

WhittO3090d ago

lol! so much for them not even mentioning it until TGS!

Hope it is actually PSP2 though and not PSP 5000 lol.

Hideo_Kojima3090d ago

They said that if it excists it will be at E3 2010.
Considering it has been 5 years since PSPs release and PSP has sold 50+ million units selling pretty much as fast as PS2 I would almost certainly believe that they would be making one and releasing it before 2012.

Therefore if they are releasing it before 2012 they would have already started making it and PSP 2 would exist and WILL BE AT E3.

HolyOrangeCows3090d ago

That actually does make it sound pretty likely.....Wow.

This could be good or bad. I've been wanting them to release a PSP2 for a long time. If they have half a brain, they shouldn't screw it up this time.

But they need to fix:
-One control stick problem
-low control stick sensitivity
-Piracy issues
-3rd....and support

If they manage that, plus add more power, I'm in.

.....then again, I think we're getting ahead of ourselves. It may not exist...yet.

Ven10003090d ago

I'm a PSP Go owner and I'm not the one least bit worried about it. I will get the PSP 2 when it comes out. It will probably have some large hard drive so all my digital games will just be redownloaded onto the new system. As it stands right now, I get FAR more use out of the Go then I did with the 1000 and 2000 I use to own. Kinda nice to have a mp3 player that doesn't require bookbag size storing space or not having to carry around a UMD carrying case which was bigger than the PSP itself.

Blaze9293090d ago

I actually hope they aren't going to bring out a PSP2 this year. Last week on Bonus Round, the panelist made so much sense with what Sony needs to do with the PSP and bringing out more hardware is not the answer:

seriously, watch that up - makes a lot of sense and I agree.

Tsar4ever013090d ago

BUT, Sony didn't say NO either, So it's a definate MAYBE.

I just LUV when they show that famous PSP2 concept design from that BLUEZPS person. THAT is all around the most FAMOUS design and BEST Looking. even though they might have to change the dpad and buttons to be more simular to the pspgo, and how they redo the back buttons too, I read some compaints about how TOO THIN they are to differnt size hands.

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sikbeta3090d ago

"You'll Find Out At E3" = PSP2 CONFIRMED!!!

Qui-Gon Jim3090d ago

This just says that if it exists, it will be shown at E3. If it is not shown at E3, it probably doesn't exist. Nothing we didn't already know, really. I, too, am kinda hoping for it, though. A PSP2 with dual analogues, four shoulder buttons, FULL remote play compatibility (including playing all PS3 games), a touch screen, and perhaps a cell phone would be absolutely epic.

Comet3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

'nough said.

I'm hoping for a PlayStation Mobile - PSM (Preferably w/ touch screen)

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dizzleK3090d ago

i hope so. i was eyeballing the kingdom hearts bundle but i'd just wait for a psp 2 then.

mjolliffe3090d ago

Yeah I was looking at buying a bundle the other day, but I've decided to see if a PSP2 gets announced first, and it'll probably be a day 1 purchase IF it offers so much more than the Go :)

SpaceSquirrel3090d ago

E3 2010 should be a great show then with PSP 2.

stevenhiggster3090d ago

I sure hope it's true, and they announce some good games for it too. And I hope it's got 2 sticks or touch screen or somthing.

Doc Sony3090d ago

For one upmanship's sake it should be 3D enabled.

thereapersson3090d ago

I'm sick of hearing about 3-D. It was a fad that died out in the 50's / 60's, so I don't see the big appeal here. History repeats itself, unfortunately...

Noctis Aftermath3090d ago

The 3D that is coming into our homes now is vastly superior to that of yesteryear, it can't even be compared.

With that said i don't think 3D will have much of an effect on gaming, Nvidia have offered 3D for years now and no one really talked about it.
I'd much rather sony just keep it to 1 screen and no 3D.

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