How About Another CG Movie, Square Enix?

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within may have been a flop, but Advent Children was a cash cow. What does Square Enix think about another CG film?

Shinji Hashimoto, Senior Vice President, is for another flick.
“Although, we haven’t thought about it there is always new CG technology we’re researching,” Hashimoto replied. “If I have a chance, I would like to try again.”

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darthdevidem013065d ago

FF13 CGI movie would rock, maybe showing the war of transgression.

Kain813065d ago

supported this Company

from now on i will buy there Games used, they wont get my HARD EARNED MONEY

kraze073065d ago

Both The Spirits Within and Advent Children were great imo, but I'd really like to see a more "fantasy" cgi movie. Those two movies were more focused on sci-fi than fantasy. Not saying that was a bad thing though.

Revolver3065d ago

What about a good Final Fantasy game for a change?

darthdevidem013065d ago

We just got one 3 months ago & will get another one on the DS in a few months. lol @ you!

Thoreau3065d ago

the story line was to deep for the average american to grasp on to.

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