101 Awesome Things the 360/Live Can Do

3xG says: "With our recent list of 101 awesome things the PS3 and PSN can do, we thought it only fair to construct list for the other available consoles. So without further a due, our list of 101 awesome things the Xbox 360 along with Xbox live can do. After this we will try a Wii list, but we may need a little longer for that one."

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Godmars2903090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Not only list play games then goes on to list specific games, playing pirated games, and the E74 error...

How is that last anything close to a positive...?

Lot of duping with the PS3 list too I see.

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tweakedhuman3090d ago

my pc can do all that but i dont have to pay 60$ for services that been standard for years and years

karan86243090d ago

Mostly valid points, but quite a few are just there as filler to make it 101

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