Mario Kart Wii held back for early '08 "void"

The rumours were right about Mario Kart Wii showing up at E3 last week, they were wrong about it coming out this year - Nintendo tells CVG is has enough big games for Christmas and wants to hold something back for the typical New Year "void".

"For the holidays we have a huge line-up of Wii games already, including Metroid Prime 3 Corruption, Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Pokémon Battle Revolution.

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ItsDubC4135d ago

Seems like a sound business decision to me. Big titles still need to be released after the holiday season to keep the momentum going. Plus if I'm not mistaken, Nintendo operates and judges its performance by fiscal year, which ends in April, not December. Strong sales need to be continuous.

Farfromreality4134135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

Very much so and you hit the nail right on the head.

A successful year is contained in the Holiday season and the 3 months before April 1. When people say that the next few months are gonna be busy, they're right, but they are seriously underestimating the first months of '08.

I NEED MORE MONEY! I love the Mario Kart Series.

Here's a question for ya...If Mario was like 40 back in '83, doesnt that make him like 64? Old people can't drive. Everyone knows that.

ItsDubC4135d ago

lol, nor should they compete in Olympic-style events against swift blue rodents who may also be approaching retirement age.

The Real Joker4135d ago

the princess does look good for her age. Definately some celebrity beauty secrets going on for her.

omansteveo4134d ago

LOL! this is hilariuos what do they mean 08' void the Wii has got nothin right now and has 3 good games comin out be tween now and know what Nintendo you burned me once this is the same way i felt when i had an N64 a decent game every 8 months aint gonna cut it anymore get your crap together...oh and one other question are we just gonna get one Zelda,Mario and Smash title this gen or are we gonna get a bunch of DS ports the Wii is a joke...Nintendo im done with you and your re-releses of N64 games.

ItsDubC4134d ago

Does anyone else find it funny when someone claiming to not care about the Wii or Nintendo obviously cares enough to read the Wii news section and post trolling comments?

MACHone4134d ago

Didn't we already know this?