Digital Spy: Split/Second: Velocity Review

Digital Spy writes: "Developed by the Disney-owned Black Rock Studios in Brighton, Split/Second: Velocity is all about bringing a sense of "Hollywood action" to the racing genre. Set in a fictional city rigged for destruction as part of a reality TV series, the game mixes Tokyo drift-style racing with triggered destructive environments. Much like a hyperactive Gran Turismo, races in the city involve buildings exploding, bridges collapsing and aeroplanes crashing into the road as the drivers compete for victory. The game's relentless focus on action can be rather bewildering at times and it lacks much depth beyond the core destructive gameplay."

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hiredhelp3116d ago

This game is under estimated and been knocked by a few. ive played this and honistly its amazing. visually quite good. gameplay sweet if you like action i mean action and drenaline pumping racer. this will please you. alot of races in SP nad wotever you do in SP you can do in MP. with no lag