Digital Spy Preview: 'Kane & Lynch 2' Multiplayer

Digital Spy writes: "Eidos Interactive's psychotic criminal characters Kane and Lynch are due to make a return this year after their 2007 debut in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. Third-person shooter Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days sees Adam 'Kane' Marcus and James Seth Lynch heading to Shanghai for more bank heists, shootouts and sadistic activities. At an event in London, developer IO Interactive showcased three modes from the game's multiplayer - Fragile Alliance, Undercover Cop and Cops & Robbers - which all feature hybrid co-operative/competitive gameplay based around the concept that "money talks". Ahead of the game's release in August, Digital Spy joined a crew of hardened reprobates to put the three modes through their paces."

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Matthew943068d ago

looks pretty good. hope IO learn from the previous game