Owen Joins Ronaldo on Pro Evo 2008 Cover

Konami has today announced that Michael Owen, the Newcastle and England striker, is to feature on the UK packaging and promotional materials of PES 2008 the latest incarnation of the multi-million-selling Pro Evolution Soccer series.

Michael Owen is one of the most exciting and prolific strikers in the English game, and will join Cristiano Ronaldo on the UK packshots of PES 2008. Since making his first team debut in 1997, Owen has built a reputation for pace and skill, netting over 178 league goals, and 37 for England. His reputation spans the globe, making Michael the perfect compliment to Cristiano Ronaldo's status on the world stage, and creating an enviable pairing for the new game.

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LSDARBY5426d ago

Not Owen, they should have Rooney or Drogba, not owen.

SWORDF1SH5426d ago

owen is a has been. he hasnt played good for 4 or 5 years. but who cares when pro evo is the best footy game ever

boi5426d ago

lol Owen!!!?!?!?

b4 when he was with liverpool and wa splaying his best yes but not now lol

Retro-Virus5426d ago

Does it really matter ?

It's the best soccer sim ever made by a mile !!

gamehead5426d ago

i bet they gonna toss beckham on the american version

okcomputer5426d ago

I doubt it, beckham would probably be too expensive. Lets not forget this is the company too cheap to buy up all the premiership licenses so we can play with real kits and team names. Still.. this is the best football game on the market by far so its alright.

ad4mb5426d ago

Im surprised Terry isn't on.

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The story is too old to be commented.