VGC: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

VGC writes: "Time after time, Mario and the diligent masterminds at Nintendo responsible for him have proven that he can do anything. Arguably the eponymous face of gaming, the chubby plumber from Brooklyn has conquered everything from fighting games to racing, all while dazzling critics and dominating the sales charts. Yet Mario’s most remarkable accomplishment is perhaps his ability to stay fresh and far ahead of the curve even as he retains the enjoyable foundation that made his original games so captivating. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is proof positive of that very capacity and is an incredible game to boot."

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Braineater24483090d ago

Wow good review. Not a perfect score, but it's an honest review.

mrpotter3090d ago

Game is great. The score should have been higher but can't argue when it is the highest they have ever given.