7 Annoying Types of Gamers

1. Inspector Gadget

This guy loves all the bits and pieces associated with gaming. He actually bought the Nintendo Power Glove and the Virtual Boy. He has Rumble Paks on his Rumble Paks. Maybe he just really likes Nintendo… No wait, there’s a stack of every color of PlayStation memory card ever made. He always shows up with his own controller in pristine condition, and you laughed at him when he brought over the Master Chief helmet that came with the Legendary edition of Halo 3, because it’s tiny and you can’t actually wear it. Then he used it to build a scale model that actually fit, and you were kind of jealous.

HolyOrangeCows4864d ago


My least favorite is the "Grandpa"
The 40 year old who acts like anyone who didn't have Atari 2600 is some sort of out of touch gamer.

I mean, I don't care much for the people who more or less started gaming this gen and talk about the gaming industry seriously, but who's this middle aged guy to tell us "youngsters" what to think of gaming?

bootsielon4864d ago

Someone with more experience and more knowledge of video games. Simple.

Then again, I've seen fanboys so old that it's pathetic they make such idiotic arguments at such age (remember theMart?) so I take that back.

But, all else equal, someone who has played more video games and more platforms arguably has a more informed opinion.

SaiyanFury4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

Haha it's a funny article. I guess I'd be an old school elitest, not so much that I'm afraid of amazing new games like the Uncharted games or Assassin's Creed, but a lot of games now do really try to be more realistic than games in the past. I'm not a fan of FPS games in general, albeit I do love Insomniac's Resistance games. Not so realistic, but it's almost like Ratchet & Clank combined with an FPS/Sci-Fi viewpoint combined with history. A unique series to be sure. That said, I am a fan of the consoles I grew up on. My personal fave is the Genesis/MegaDrive. I loved the games on the system over some of the stuff on the SNES. Beyond that, I'm an old school original PS gamer who loved the JRPGs that came out on it. Where's SquareSoft when we need them? Oh yeah, Square-ENIX made FF13. The newest whoring out the Japanese roleplaying genre to the west. Heh, maybe I'm old school but I expect certain things from games. Realism is not one of them, but traditions on JRPGs, I do insist on. :)

PoSTedUP4864d ago

the gamer that talks like a thug on an online game (socom) and argues hes better then someone else.

like dude go out and get arrested for loitering or somethign and get the hell out of my ear i hate that.be a little punk thug, or a gamer, not both. grow up this isnt boys in the hood it aint cool to act like that you low life grow up and be a man not a follower.

eggbert4864d ago

I collect video games and video game accessories.

I actually recently just purchased the Spyro the Dragon games for PS1 (I had them before, but lost them).

ATM I have a working SNES, NES, Genesis, N64, PS1 (fat model), Gamecube, PS2, Xbox original, and a PS3.

I also have a gameboy pocket, Gameboy Color, Sega Gamegear.

My PS2 VG collection alone is like 80 games....

Is this a bad thing?

Evildoomnerd4864d ago

I'm in the same boat as you, but in particular I collect the old school NES, SNES, and PS1 games, and I own every Nintendo portable up to DSlite. Just remember: its all in good fun, and its not a bad thing as long as you know how to prioritize bills/family/life goals/etc. You play the games, don't let the games play you! On topic, I am guilty of 1 and 3, and I have over 13 games I haven't took out of the plastic yet(impulse buys).

Anyways, heres my collection so far: http://club.ign.com/b/list/...

The Great Melon4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

The plastic wrap haunts me. I keep getting games even though many still reside in their packaging. Getting a double major in physics and electrical engineering is taxing. So little time...

The Great Melon4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

Don't worry you're not alone. I have hundreds of games. I once started to count how many PS2 games I actually had, but decided to stop when I reached 100 games and still had plenty more to go.

dizzleK4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

i'm guilty of 1 and 4 to an extent. i like collecting just to have things, the condition is irrelevant.

i think #4 comes naturally to anybody who has been in the hobby as long as i have. you get better at analyzing games and comparing them to similar mechanics that were used in the past. i respect where the hobby is now to an extent but i do genuinely think alot of older games are better. they might not have all the bells and whistles but there was a purity of gameplay that i greatly enjoy.

btw i bookmarked and subscribed to the site, theres alot of funny stuff. thanks to whoever submitted this.

hatchimatchi4864d ago

That's a funny article that I think we can all relate to. I have a buddy who is definitely a freak of nature. He beat Resident Evil on the invisible enemy mode for gamecube and he also beat ninja gaiden 1&2 on it's hardest difficulty.

-MD-4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

2, 3 and 6 I guess... to a certain extent. I suspect most gamers are one or more of these types of players.

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