Five Games To Remember For E3 2010

TheBitBag: This E3 is setting up to be one of the deepest and most exciting in recent memory with the true unveiling of motion control for Sony/Microsoft, the introduction of 3D gaming on a grand scale, and the showcasing of dozens of AAA titles. With so much news coming in a few weeks it may be easy to forget some very big and possibly fantastic titles that may be shown at the upcoming conferences. Here are five titles the gaming community shouldn’t forget for this upcoming E3…

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OOG3116d ago

Id like to see some more LA Noire... since we havnt seen too much of it other than a short trailer.

OOG3116d ago

crap forgot to say Id like to see a new Rainbow Six... but I doubt ill see that anytime soon :/

VersusEM3116d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing more L.A Norie, it looks very interesting, same with Metal Gear Rising

readiandnot3116d ago

interested to see what they've got to surprise us with.

I really hope they don't waste a lot of time on Natal.

Freak of Nature3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Natal is having their own day, the day before the Microsoft showing...

twostep183116d ago

im scared for metal gear
hows it gunna be without or beloved snake

crapgamer3116d ago

It was called Metal Gear Solid 2, Which is statistically the best selling in the franchise.

OOG3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )


ah yeah.... I hope they are not just using the Metal Gear name for sales.... we shall see I guess...Makes me wonder what type of game will it be as well... more action oriented? or Stealth?

Erotic Sheep3116d ago

It will be a puzzle dance game..

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The story is too old to be commented.