Square Enix Announcement Not Shocking

The internet gets a sad but necessary reminder not to overhype things. The big Square Enix USA announcement game, as predicted, was not the new game so many had convinced themselves it would be.

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MechaGear4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Whoa, I like rpgland and all, but I really hope they're crap this time.
This and versus xiii not @ e3 would really give it to me.

FACTUAL evidence4685d ago

Besides, that FF title sounds like a crappy wii spinoff, I'm good.

zetsuei14686d ago

as lame as Namco Bandai in this generation.

They could amaze us fairly easy: New Chrono Cross,Parasite Eve for HD consoles (360/PS3), Kingdom Hearts Sequel (360/PS3), Valkyrie Profile, The World Ends With You Sequel, Dragon Quest outside DS (360/PS3)

But no instead they decide to hype a useless tittle that almost everybody doesnt care. Seriously Square couldn't be more lame in this generation /facepalm

hay4686d ago

True. They overhype every little piece they produce, they spew BS(30 years of FF7 remaking, western gamers like only macho protagonists and the list goes on) and their ridiculous take on pretty much everything(RPGs don't need storylines, rehashing titles, new and original games aren't great)...

The Square we loved and followed is no more.

kratos1234686d ago

soo treu man i really want squaresoft back they where the best devolpers ever without a doubt
SE can suck it too many times i have been dissapointed this gen
im stil waiting fore the day wada gets fired.
i just wonder sometimes how you can make the best devolpers in the world one of the worst im trully amazed how this guy pulled it of

lomion54686d ago

I would shed tears of joy should another chrono game ever be annonced. It may be strange, but amazing as Chrono Trigger was, and it was so very amazing, Chrono Cross may very well be my most favorite game of all time.

Marcello4686d ago

The only thing that Squeenix could do to shock me is release a good game

vhero4686d ago

I am getting sick of them thinking games like that are gonna be huge in the minds of fans. I thought the announcement of a re-release of SaGa (Final Fantasy Legends for those who don't know) was bigger personally. I honestly can't wait for the re-release of that classic.

Heisenberg4686d ago

Exactly. SE is sitting on a potential gold mine, and somehow they squander it every step of the way. Every game you mentioned, right down to a FFVII remake, things the dedicated fans SquareSoft earned want very badly, and would go ape shît over, they let collect dust on the shelf. Again, it's squandered potential by a company that has become completely out of touch with it's audience, and that really blows for us.

How does SE get so wrong, what SquareSoft had perfected? Honestly, the blueprints were already laid out, the fans were happy, great original games were being made, games that are now classics... the format worked. This is a classic example of 'fixin it, when it ain't broke'... See kids, they're clichés for a reason.

kingdavid4686d ago (Edited 4686d ago )

Sooooo many good games and sequels they could make and they released games like nier and last remnant :l

It just boggles the mind. THey must have 20 chimps in their boardroom.

toyuts4685d ago

its prob cuz they don't want to spoil and tell every1 the fact that sqaure enix lost everybody they had

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ClownBelt4686d ago

Haha. SE needs to learn what announcement people will crap their pants and what not.

maskedwarrior4686d ago

What a disappointment if this is what they have been teasing.

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