Kid Icarus Doesn’t Stand The Test Of Time

"Rosy-red tinted glasses won’t even save Nintendo’s Kid Icarus from suffering the effects of Grandfather Time. If Kid Icarus was an aged cheese, it would stink worse than both Limburger and Petite Muenster combined."

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Caspel3066d ago

There are many games that aren't good in hindsight

barefootgamer3066d ago

A lot of games, like TV shows, just don't age well unfortunately.

Invader_Quirk3066d ago

GameZone's writers aren't very good. The grammar is bad and they often use words they don't mean. The first paragraph's heading, "What were its cultural impact and/or importance?" is a pretty good indicator of the quality of the whole. I would hope that the author isn't any older than 14.

They are correct, though, that Kid Icarus isn't very good. It is a game that not only wants you to lose, but also doesn't want you to have any fun at all.

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hatchimatchi3066d ago

Pit is a cool character but I don't understand why some people want a new Kid Icarus so badly. The game wasn't all that popular on the nes and on the other systems there was never an outcry for a new addition to the series. I think this all stems from IGN starting the rumors a few years back and younger gamers wanting to feel like their a part of something, even if that something was never there.

SpoonyRedMage3066d ago

I don't particularily see the point in Nintendo making a new one either because it would be hard to make it unique, it'd either be a Metroid clone, Zelda clone or family friendly God of War.

In the first two cases it makes more sense to make Metroid and Zelda instead and the third case seems a tad lame.

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The story is too old to be commented.