Is Microsoft Using The Jedi Mind Trick On Us

Guerilla Play writes: Recent rumors have been swirling about the price of Project Natal, Microsoft's new 3D motion camera. The most recent rumor has been Natal going for $149. The $149 rumored price tag has not been accepted well thruout the gaming community. I've read many blogs and forums and received much of the same negative feedback. In short, not many people are willing to cough up $149 and will not purchase Natal if launched at that price.

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Darrius Cole3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

...But the $149 price point is not one of them. These products cost money to make. It is too late in the generation to start taking loses on brand new hardware. MSFT has to sell Natal at the break-even point at least.

The $149 number is the price after the adjustment down from the originally intended $199 that leaked a few weeks ago and was met with a collective WTF from the public. The Jedi Mind Trick is from people trying to convince themselves that Microsoft is going to sell Natal(or whatever the official name turns out to be) for $99 dollars.

xxLuckyStrike3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

i heard Natal costs around $40 each to make so I expect anywhere from $80 to $119. If Microsoft is smart and they are, they will never sell natal for $150 dollars. That would be a automatic fail and they will be Booooed off the stage at e3. And Microsoft has been making profit on the 360 for over 2 years now. But the rrod might have somthing to do with the numbers though.

Edit: also if they want to even think about closing in on nintendo's lead or even attempt warding off sony they better consider a lower price...

MNicholas3773d ago

The Natal hardware itself is just a standard CMOS webcam with IR emitter. CMOS IR webcams that can operate in both bright conditions and complete darkness go for about $10-$15 online.

Let's not forget how Microsoft was charging $100 for a USB wifi adapter that costs under $5 to manufacture.

Yet there's no way to know how much they'll actually charge.

Anon19743773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Microsoft would have to be pretty thick to think that a $150 price tag for a Xbox camera wouldn't illicit a negative response.

Also, @ greeneagle above. Microsoft has been making money on the 360 for 2 years? Have you got a link to that? The entire division has been able to turn a small profit but to my knowledge Microsoft has never claimed the 360 was profitable. I'd love to see a link to that information. And again, not the entire division, we know the division managed to squeak out a profit - but a breakdown or statement from Microsoft claiming the 360 is profitable.

Edit: Actually, I'm not sure that the 360 is profitable. Back in November Dennis Durkin, Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment had this to say to a group of analysts.

"...we've been very focused on changing the Xbox business, and really focusing around some simple premises....And for our shareholders, we're obviously a for profit enterprise, and trying to turn this business into a profit making entity for us."

If the 360 has been profitable for 2 years, why would their own people being giving a speech to analysts about how they want to make the Xbox business profitable?

Proxy3773d ago

This isn't the article your looking for.

Triella3773d ago

Your right about the camera but what will cost the most is the software's licence. MS will have to pay big royalties to Geturetek, because not only are they using the movement recognition software, but they'll also be using the company's gesture control interface to navigate the NXE.

DaTruth3773d ago

After E3 you will be able to buy an entire Wii with games packed in for that price!

MNicholas3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

You make a very good point.

Although we know the hardware components are cheap, the licence cost for the control software (device driver,* basically) will have to be covered by the purchase price of any hardware peripheral, be it a regular gaming controller, bluetooth adapter, or something like the Natal webcam.

The real question, therefore, is how much Microsoft is paying for a device driver?


For those who don't know, a device driver (a piece of software installed on the host machine) enables games (or any applicable software) to interact with hardware.

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dizzleK3773d ago

people have even said as low as $60 which is frankly impossible for what they claim this thing can do. its going to be between $100 and $150 and people just need to deal. i expect to pay more for "revolutionary" technology, anything under $100 for something like this puts it in the realm of "toy" imo.

HolyOrangeCows3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

With the IR camera alone, I wouldn't believe it would be $60.
$150 is just enough for Microsoft to pocket a lot like they do with peripherals and claim that it's a revolutionary product.

*Waves hand* I am not a droid.
heh heh.

bjornbear3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago ) just fell for the oldest trick in the book =P


well, maybe sometimes they are, but...just because it costs "x" more than something else, doesn't automatically make it better/less of a toy.

thats the marketing department sticking their **** in your ***

beardpapa3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

you probably could just get any suitable webcam, build your own IR emitter and voila you got yourself a DIY natal. All you'd have to do then is fake the 360 into recognizing it as natal.

Heartnet3773d ago

So if i got a little action figure that i bought for £10 and then sold it to you for £150 youd buy it cuz in ur logic its no longer a toy but of something of value?.

no.. u think money = quality when it so isnt half of the time.

MS charge this much cuz they CAN and they know it will sell no matter the price..

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Godmars2903773d ago

I was expecting it to be $50. If they're looking to get the casual market, that's the casual price that comes to me.

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jack_burt0n3773d ago

Cole nailed it whether you hate the idea of the WAVE or not IR 3d cameras are expensive remember it has to track you in the dark effectively.

Army_of_Darkness3773d ago

only work on 360 fanboys lol!

Narutone663773d ago

that the Jedi mind trick only works on dumb people.

IdleLeeSiuLung3773d ago

that the Jedi mind trick don't work!

Hallmark Moment3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

That would explain why PS3 fanboys are the ones claiming they know for sure Natal will be $150 while everybody else knows the $150 price tag is just a rumor. All this comes from a site that has a supposed inside source saying this, when just a few months earlier they said they had a source saying Natal would cost $80. PS3 fanboys and their paranoid anti Natal articles. LOL

You do know Microsoft is letting you PS3 fanboys hype Natal for them right?(keep up the good work) Doesn't mean Microsoft had anything to do with the rumor either. I'm glad anti Microsoft media and haters are starting to realize the rumor might not be real or at least are starting to back off this rumor knowing it was probably fake and can no longer use it as a tool to bash.

We wen't from The Rumor of $150 was a sure thing from PS3 fanboys -to- Microsoft is testing what consumers are willing to pay -to- Microsoft leaked the fake price so anything less looks good lol.

Of course no one knows what will come with Natal packages or what will be bundled with them or what options there will be for them. There could be unannounced accessories for Natal. I do not know why fanboys assume that Natal will be used only for full body motion enabled games when it was explained it will be used in a number of ways and one will have to assume they have the Wii style of Motion already worked out easily. Microsoft said they have covered all bases so one would have to assume that Natal is easily backwards compatible with older motion tech like the Wiimote and Move.

JD_Shadow3773d ago

First off, is that the only thing you can do? Is attacking people like that the only recourse you got? Can you PLEASE make just ONE effing comment that DOESN'T go into the "you're just fanboys because I said so" mentality? I haven't seen you get through one comment yet without "going there"!

Secondly, will it be a lower price? Well, shit, it BETTER be! With the fact that the only game we've seen being used with it is the "big red ball" game, we haven't heard anything official about it since last year at E3, and the only reason why we think it's going to be good is because the media and the fanboys can't stop shoving this thing down our throats like it's the best damn thing since sliced bread.

If it was an intentional leak as this site said (remember that they spelled their own name wrong and that they think that the ten or so sequels to Final Fantasy Versus 13 will all be announced as multiplatform at E3 10), then it was the dumbest move ever, and it does NOT help MS for it to be out there (I don't care HOW you try to spin it into some positive). And let's not forget how much the wireless Wi-Fi and the hard drives for the 360 costs. I don't think it's below MS to overprice this, too.

Then again, I can expect nothing less from people who will defend MS to the death. Want to know why PS3 fanboys are sometimes mentioned as the "worst of the bunch"? It's because they won't let Sony get away with shit like what MS continues to be allowed to get away with by ITS fanboys. Hell, if it wasn't for the PS3 fanboys, Sony probably wouldn't be kicking MS's ass so far in 2010. Let's just hope this is the first part of the MS fanboys FINALLY rocking the boat a bit.

Biggest3773d ago

"one will have to assume they have the Wii style of Motion already worked out easily. Microsoft said they have covered all bases so one would have to assume that Natal is easily backwards compatible with older motion tech like the Wiimote and Move."

What in the fuck does that mean, Hallmark Moment? Did you say that the Natal, which is made by Microsoft, is backwards compatible, meaning previous versions work with the newer versions, with the Wiimore and Move, which are made by Nintendo and Sony and have nothing to do with the Natal? Not only did you say that. You are also saying that we should not assume that the Natal will be overpriced, but that we should assume that the Natal will work with the Wiimote and Move?

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Immortal3213773d ago

it's the end of gaming period.

soljah3773d ago

for the amount of tech that goes into natal i am surprised it only 149. motion capture equipment cost 100's of thousands if not millions.
what worries me is the amount of processing power that natal is going to use from the main 360 processor.

Heartnet3773d ago

Yeh but we as buyers dont want to pay $150 for a bloody camera! if it cost around $30-50 to make i dun want to pay 5x the price.. so what if they put thousands if not millions of pounds into the motion capturing business.. its not like we asked em to !

mookins3773d ago

Yep, and some people fall for them each time.

Sarcasm3773d ago

The Jedi Mind trick only works on the feeble minded. *looks at Xbox 360 fanboys*

monkeybizz3773d ago

imagine that, another overpriced MS peripheral. Who would have thought!

FrankenLife3773d ago

Even if it was $5 I would not welcome Skynet into my home. Besides you won't be able to make you avatar scratch his junk, or flip people off.

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siyrobbo3773d ago

with so many leaks around E3 it would be a good idea to spread misinformation. We'll see soon enough i suppose

At the end of the day, cirque du soleil dont work for free.....

maka3773d ago

Only works on weak minds :)

Immortal3213773d ago

that's the word from the wise

huzzaahh3773d ago

"Bleek" isn't a word, so you have a weak mind and therefore, it is not a word from the wise.

Biggest3773d ago

You must not know Memphis.

Bathyj3773d ago

"I believe Microsoft let the price of $149 leak out. I might be alone in this but, I believe they are testing the waters. Shortly after the rumored Natal price was leaked Aaron Greenberg made an appearance. In his full statement released to Planetxbox360 he stated “Our retail partners are not yet aware of details on pricing for “Project Natal” and pre-order placeholders are purely speculation. We will share price details with partners and the public as we get closer to launch.”

No doubt that was damage control at its finest. I fully suspect Microsoft is doing their homework as we speak. With teams of analysts feverishly reading every blogsite and forum. What they will come to realize is a price somewhere between $80 to $119 dollar range will appease most. As of now we are all expecting a ridiculous price of $150. Fear not people."

And now, my comment from 2 days ago
"I also happen to think that M$ has leaked this price just to test the waters, and so everyone swoons when they announce it for a hundred bucks at E3."

Megaton3773d ago

I think that's what they're doing too. Gauge the sticker shock at a ridiculous "leaked" price, so when a slightly lower official price is announced later, it makes people look at it more positively.

rob60213773d ago

Exactly what I was thinking, probably not to test the waters so much, but as to make people have a positive reaction to the $90-100 - You'd have to admit before the $150 thing leaked out $99 would have instantly been labeled 'too much' by most people. You can bet the bundled arcade version will be $199-$250 range as well. Only fitting Edge-online did one of the leaks, if this is indeed the case we will have a smoking gun that they do have affiliations with MS.

Cueil3773d ago

leaking it spreads the news to people who would other wise never read Natal articles... creating mind share is paramount in the gaming business

evilmonkey5013772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

150 bucks for an upgraded ps3 eye? It will be right on the shelf next to the $400 dollar 8 gigabyte hard drives and $700 wireless internet adapters.

Qui-Gon Jim3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Many of them would. They'll complain the whole time, but they'll pony up. Far too few people seem to remember that in the free market, you vote with your dollar.

niceguywii603773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Well if N4G if anything to go by PS3 fanboys are also trolling anything to do with Natal where ever they can find it(and they look for Natal news and even create Natal news). So in relation to your post what you said applies to PS3 fans jumping in after bi*ching. Most 360 fans know better then to get all worked up before they know the details about anything related to the 360. 360 fans are not the ones expressing forceful anger towards Natal or its rumored price with fanatical resolve. 360 fans are not the ones repeatedly found screaming about Natal in Natal related articles in preview or price related pieces.

But I agree and what you said generally will apply to people overall. I'm sure the user score metaCritic effect is going on in all Natal related articles amplified 100 fold.

"In short, not many people are willing to cough up $149"

Translation: We hope people think Natal is too expensive and buy $500 worth of Wii peripherals and $300 worth of PS MOVE peripherals for the family instead.

Oh wait! people already buy $500 worth of Wii peripherals so a device that doesn't need any will turn off consumers :/

"you vote with your dollar."
No people should vote by the criteria SDF sets.

webeblazing3773d ago

yea gotta feeling is gonna sell regardless. hope it work sounded good.