Review of Alpha Protocol (PC) -- writes: "In effect, Alpha Protocol feels like you are playing out an episode of the USA Network's television series, Burn Notice (ed. note: Can we get more Psych, USA Network? Come on!). There is even a handler who refers to you as 'Mikey' in the same style as the character Sam does on that show. Alpha Protocol is a popcorn spy-flick, and whether you choose to go as an ex-soldier, ex-field agent, or even mercenary skill-build you will have a great time playing it through should you look at it as such..."

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JelalTrueshot3090d ago

Okay, I can see that. It definitely was not a very complex or original plot but I like the 'Suave' and 'brash' conversation choices which make the experience a heck of a lot more entertaining IMHO.