Call of Duty Black Ops : WMD Preview

"CoD: BO First Look, Part III "WMD"
First and foremost, the Treyarch First Look community event at Treyarch Studios in Santa Monica, on the 21st of May, was a Single Player reveal for the hardcore fans of the game."

"The surround system thumps and it feels like someone just punched me in the gut. The big bird screams into the night sky. You rocket ever upward, finally reaching near-space cruising altitude...."

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Gamerbee3090d ago

Black Ops this Black Ops that..Show me some Killzone 3 footage!

dizzleK3089d ago

i've played this game already, back when it was called cod4,[email protected] and mw2. nothing short of a complete redesign is the least bit interesting or fresh.

mrv3213089d ago

I played it back when it was called COD 2. The evolution of the COD series seems to be more additions than refinements. Here's an idea.

REFINE the find game, so I can choose maps and that.
REFINE the host left the game...
REFINE the singleplayer so it isn't a lackluster story or WW2
REFINE the beta testers so they do their job