Square Enix Staff Discusses Versus XIII and FFVII Remake

Our latest update on things that begin with "Final Fantasy" comes from Korean game site Gameshot by way of Japanese Square Enix fan site FF Reunion.

To commemorate the launch of Final Fantasy XIII in Korea, Square Enix held a roundtable interview session with FFXIII director Motomu Toriyama, FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase, and Square Enix chief Twitter person Shinji Hashimoto on the 28th. FF Reunion translated just a couple of pertinent bits and pieces from the Korean language transcript that was posted at Gameshot.

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MightyMark4273067d ago

damn, that sucks. I still hope for a remake though!

Eamon3067d ago

yeah me too. I think S-E should simply dedicate a compelete development period (like they do for the FF games) to the remake.

I doubt it would take 30 years to remake. And think about the profit they could make. Even though it's a remake, it would literally be the highest selling Final Fantasy title or maybe even the highest selling PS3 title.

Danteh3067d ago

Yeah I've been told from trusted sources that it will be exclusive for the PlayStation 7, so excited!

TotalPS3Fanboy3067d ago

And Oblivion is a way bigger game with even more side quests and explorations to do than FF7.

Shadow Flare3067d ago

OK, Square Enix is officially my most hated company now. I can't believe the absolute BS that comes out of them. There is absolutely NO way an FF7 remake would take 30 years to develop. No game takes 30 years to develop. I don't think the entire games industry has existed for that long. Absolute BS. They already have the story, characters, locations, everything. All they need to do is upgrade the graphics, add voices, trophies, and adjust a few things like adding more side quests or online segments in the gold saucer. Thats it. That does not take thirty years.

If the reason for taking thirty years is their sheer laziness, then i fully agree. Fully agree. If i had thirty years, i could probably learn how to program and do a half decent effort of a remake myself. Its how SE treat their fans with such little respect. They treat them like they have an IQ of 40. Remember when they sent out screenshots of FF13, and the ps3 and 360 versions were the same, just with the buttons changed? And when they got caught, they came out with some lame excuse like "oh we didn't mean to send those out". They obviously did, because they created them and sent them to kotaku. Such disrespect. And to say that FF7 remake would take 30 years is beyond belief. They actually expect people to believe that? Ever since you guys became Square-Enix, you've become nothing special. Absolutley mediocre. I haven't bought a final fantasy game for 10 years. There was a small glimmer that i might have bought versus 13, but forget it. You guys are useless. And i hope you never make an FF7 remake, because you will absolutely ruin it. You'll put freakin leona lewis in it or some other garbage pop music, you'll ruin the battle system, you guy sare useless.

/rant over

gaffyh3067d ago

Does Square actually believe their own BS now? No way in hell would it tale 30 years for a FF7 remake. It would take 5 years maximum, and it shouldn't even take that long as the story and gameplay is already complete. Just needs a revamp.

Milamber3067d ago

Haha, Squeenix could set up a space agency and put men on mars quicker than that.

hay3067d ago

"We can't make FF7 remake, no... It requires a lot of work, yeah... FF7 wasn't made almost completely of never-ending corridors, no... It'd require some actual work from us, yeah... It's isn't rehashing that gives quick buck, no... The remake would have to actually be good, yeah, we can't do that, no... yeah..."

Gamer_Z3067d ago

Well said Shadow Flare I don’t think I could have said it better myself. At the rate Square Enix is going ill be surprised if they finish FF Versus before they go bankrupt from all the people not buying their garbage that they call games.

Noctis Aftermath3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

That answer is full of shit, they had to cut out content and that cut out content was enough to make another game, also they had to build a completely new engine for HD consoles after throwing away 1 and a half years of work they had already done on the PS2, they could easily make a game similar to how they made FF before X.

They say this just so that they have to do less work, square enix have been nothing but disappointments and liars this generation, i don't even own a single game of theirs from this generation.

As they are now i wouldn't want them to touch FFVII, they would just turn it into a linear boring ass PoS game and tarnish its name.

miyakoS3067d ago

Dude before you guys start shit talking, put yourselves in Square Enix's shoes being asked about an FFVII remake all the time. It's obvious they're tired of the question so they make an exaggeration to shut you guys up, duh?

SaiyanFury3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Shadowflare is exactly right. Good call, dude!

BS Square-ENIX, BS on you, sirs. The reason that Final Fantasy XIII took so long (4 years) to make is because you decided it was necessary to make an Xbox 360 version and delay the almost completed PS3 version so it's launch coincided with the delayed 360 version. To say that a remake of FF7 would take 30 years is absolute bullcrap. You people have lost the integrity of a well respected developer and become a shilling, bottom-line focused corporation. And what's so damned surprising is you keep putting out crap after crap after crap. Your constituents, ie: your gamerbase TELLS YOU WHAT THEY WANT EVERYDAY! You, like the US government, ignore your constituency and keep giving them what they DON'T want, which is why they don't buy your games. I am one of the longtime SquareSoft fans that did NOT buy FF13 because you whored the game out to the west. I'm considering Nier, but I'm still really skittish about it due to the checkered history of S-E this gen. If anyone can recommend it with good reasons, I'd appreciate it. :)

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Ocelot5253067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

worst argument evar

back in the PS1 days developers were forced to code in assembler and C, now they code in the object oriented language c++ which seriously reduces the overhead for large programs + all the software libraries they can use now

i need 1 week to develop a digital organizer in assembler code(3 weeks to exterminate all the bugs)
i can make it in 6 hours in the object oriented java or without bugs

not to mention they have the opengl api now for graphics

Shang-Long3067d ago

It'll take 30 years if they followed the development path of FF13....

Yea how about you they don't follow that path, that game (ff13) didn't come out that great, as I recall

Heisenberg3067d ago

Who told square we wanted them to follow the FFXIII development path? Crystal Tools and FFXIII suck my nads pretty hard.

SE, how about you just give up making games all together, and sell the FF series to a developer that can salvage it's once good name. Making good games is clearly too darn hard for you guys.

SaiyanFury3066d ago

The funny thing is that a few of the main guys that worked on Final Fantasies 7, 8, and 9 worked on FF13. It's amazing the game turned out as bad as it did. I figure S-E, after the decision to make a version for the 360, told them to make it as compatible with the 360 as possible. Dealing with medium limitations of DVD9, they stripped out most of the things planned for the PS3 version. Towns, NPCs and such became the fodder for want of pandering to the potential gamers on the 360. Essentially gamers were left with a gutted JRPG and only action-oriented features were left. I have yet to actually play the game, but from multiple testimonies from friends and from what I've read online, FF13 isn't worth my time as a true JRPG. I followed it closely for the 4 year development cycle (4 years my arse), and ultimately became disenfranchised with it. I may look at it at some time in the future when it's come down in price, but I refuse to pay the full price of admission for a stripped JRPG.

sikbeta3067d ago

"30yrs to Develop" = EXCUSES....

jjohan353067d ago

Square go down the hole...

blu_yu_away3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Like this?

xJxdOggyStYLe3067d ago

so to make a game from scratch its a few do a remake its 30 years LOL what a stupid statement.

oli3067d ago

get started square!! the earlier u start the earlier u finish! i wanna be alive if this happens!!!

FanboysWillHateMe3067d ago

emphasize that it would take a long time. Of course he doesn't literally mean 30 years. geesh, c'mon guys.

anyways, the more i think about it, the less reasonable it sounds to do a remake. first of all, you have to have the FFVII development staff working on this, and right now a lot of them are focused on different projects. That, and you have to consider what they want to do as well. Maybe they want to try out different things, instead of remaking something they did more than a decade ago?

CimmerianDrake3067d ago

We don't have to consider that. And there is a simple reason. Money. If, as is always heard when an exclusive goes multiplat by all the defenders, SE is a business... then they are in it for the money. If they want money, and they do, then an FFVII remake would bring them more money than all of their current offerings combined. An FFVII remake is a license to print money. I may detest the game, but I am not oblivious to its following. SE are just being lazy, pure and simple. They have always been notorious for doing what they want, and thinking they know better than the fans who tell them what they want in their games.

mastiffchild3066d ago

Yeah, CD, thing is, while I'm dead set against weighing developers down with remakes when they can't seem to get any new games right it's without doubt that a FF7 remake is the biggest money spinner on the cards for SE. As the people who actually pay their wages n this industry it often amazes me that publishers and developers seem only to do what suits them rather than listening to the gamers wishes even when it seems a sure-fire money spinner like this. I worry a great deal about the wisdom(from a gamers pov)of pushing developers into being this lazy creatively and think we could get a lot more rehashes than we ever bargained for once they see the money rolling in from a possible FF7 remake but that's another argument entirely.

My problems with SE, however, go deeper than this and I think they need to stop spouting BS all the time. If they're to make Versus multiplat after all this time I'll be confused as all hell. Why didn't they just get all the bad press and fan reaction out of the way when FF13 itself went multi? All waiting longer achieves is alienating EVEN more of their former fans in a generation where their word has been proven to mean absolutely nothing. As a result no one was ever going to swallow a FF7 remake taking even close to the length of dev that FF13 did let alone thirty years! Thn there's the daft westernisation of their games which seems to ignore the plain fact that the best games coming out of Japan this generation have been those that NEVER once thought about something so silly.

Was Bayonetta westernised in any way? No. Did it suffer as a result? No. to me they risk losong the very things that make Japanese games special, unique and exciting by aping what western developers do and also seem to forget that the majority of western devs go badly wrong using western themes and mechanics let alone Japanese devs to whom these things are way more alien. would Persona3 and 4 have been improved by having a more western feel? Don't be daft. Did anyone feel that TLR was a masterpiece because of it's supposed western leanings and stylings?

No, SE need to cut the crap and start treating their fans with a little more honesty. Noone would mind Versus being a multi, and wouldn't have cared FF13 was had they said so from the start. No, it's when they make people feel like they've been led along the garden path, cajoled into buying a certain system by their proclamations of exclusivity or just the BS of timed exclusives pretending to be real exclusives along with Wada's other misguided BS that winds people up. I just think fewer politics and more transparency would remove a lot of the flak they get these days-and as for the BS around the screenshots of the 360 version of FF13? Who were they trying to fool?

Seriously, a little truth would help a great deal.

Marceles3067d ago

with Square Enix's track record, 30 years sounds real accurate compared to how great Squaresoft developed games

Ocelot5253067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

the empire state building was built in 2 years

manna3067d ago

lmao best reply ever bubble for you...but they did say 10 times longer to develop than ff13 so he was jst giving an estimate as to how much work they 'would' have to do, though its still giving silly excuses cos their lazy, i mean i was an ff addict in my younger days, used to play all of em without ever getting bored, but ff13, even lookin at the bluray pack gives me fits of rage...would've broken it a long time ago if it wasnt my brothers own...i enjoy playin it for an hour maybe a week but thts abt it....very soon they'll go down the route of 3Drealms...awesome devs to bankruptcy in one sweet motion, currently their in the middle but only bcos of the ds games tht sell in quantity but not bcos of quality

Heisenberg3067d ago

SE must think we're stupid, if they think we'll believe that crap. A FFVII remake would be a dream come true, but SE doesn't have the chops to pull it off... It's too bad, cause if a developer with balls took on a FFVII remake, it could be a masterpiece.

It's probably for the best though, SE would turn FFVII into a big long corridor with ultra flamboyant voice acting. I can see Barret now "That's just what real HEROES like me DO!"

AAACE53067d ago

I wouldn't totally rule it out, but as for right now, probably the closest we will get to a FFVII remake is the FFVII Advent children movie or Crisis core!

I can't help but think with the more FF games they make, the less likely a remake is. In numbered titles, they have almost doubled the number of games released. It kinda seems like they really don't have interest in remaking the game.

If there is a game coming, I get a strong feeling it will be announced at this years E3. And will probably be the shocker of the show!

DarkSpawnClone3067d ago

square enix isn't even half the dev they use to be sure its sad but we just have to move sure new rpgs will come out that will replace the old,thats just how life works out with the old in with the new as they say

Neonvapor3067d ago

a complete rumor and no evidence or anything to back it up but Sony and SE are saving that gem for a PS4 launch title. Go ahead and shoot it down and disagree, but damn, how freakin' awesome would that be? And what a way to launch a system? I hope that comes true with every fiber of my being.

Heisenberg3066d ago

Are you sure you didn't just make that up as you were typing it? Shhh Neonvapor.. It's ok, the jig is up now.

FFVII Remake as a launch title, that'll be the day. And that day will apparently be 30 years from now...

FACTUAL evidence3067d ago

LMAO SE you're so very funny! Give me 30 years, I could make all the games you released this gen AAA. Go Kill yourselves SE.

TVippy3067d ago

Just to say thanks for your comment, man. =)))

Alvadr3067d ago

They should hire western developers. We can churn out games of the same/better quality in a fraction of the time it takes SqEnix... Jeeez they are really really slow.

Seriously, thank god for western developers otherwise we would never have any games to play

Mo0eY3066d ago

Everyone knows that in 30 years, Sony will lose the rights to FF7. They're just waiting for that to expire so they can multiplatform and milk the game to death.

Thanks a lot, Microsoft.

mookins3066d ago

Amen ShadowFlare, amen.

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PirateThom3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

No, no it wouldn't take 30 years, a lot of work, but not 30 years. Just admit, it would be too much hard work, because you'd actually have to make a game without a big corridor, and leave it at that.

Cartesian3D3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

(Im MBA student .. but dont take this comment too serious :P )

becoming BIG make you stupid.. compare Square enix with noughty dog or Epic games..

SE with more than 2000 people cant make a efficient code for PS3 or EVEN 360.. they are not FAST in decision making,responding...

just look at what ND guys said : " just make it awesome DONT ASK FOR PERMISSION " thats their slogan.. and thats why they can make a most beautiful console game and a company like EA or SE cant..and they are FAST but SE is slow and retarded..

hay3067d ago

Well, at least they make some money...

It'd be made much faster. They just have to re-made the game. Re-make the music, re-do the visuals, they have the story, concepts, pretty much everything.

It's just an excuse or they're just saying it to make some ground before announcement. Either way, they're doing it wrong... 30 years? Please...

Reibooi3067d ago

They are not really coming up with excuses on this. It's a FACT that Final Fantasy XIII took that long to make and it's also a FACT that Final Fantasy VII was a much bigger game then XIII was. Put two and two together and it will take awhile to do.

It wouldn't take 30 years. That's the problem with all these things is that everyone translates what he says differently and thus we get a different answer every time he is asked. His point is with the exact same conditions as Final Fantasy XIII it would take longer to do a VII game at that level because VII was a bigger game. However if they could put a bigger team together it would go much faster and that's what he has said countless times.

Millah3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

And you realize a lot of the time spent on developing FF13 was creating the game design concept, creating the story and writing the script, doing all concept art, developing the characters, balancing the gameplay and tuning the battle system, coding the engine, etc.

And you realize they don't have to do any of these things to simply remake FF7, which already has all these foundations laid down. If they were going to make a true remake that stayed true to the original, they shouldn't have to touch these things. They could tighten up the spots that are rough around the edges, maybe improve the script and the localization, and have to do all new art and graphics, but that shouldn't take nearly as long as starting from a blank slate. They already have the graphics engine from FF13, and they have the entire blueprint for FF7s game design already finished.

Square is just coming up with as many excuses as they can to make it seem more challenging than it is. I've never heard a developer complain so much about potential "challenges" in developing a video game. Other developers instead try to overcome those challenges and make their games stronger from it, and instead Square complains and makes excuses. How times have changed.

wicko3067d ago

FFXIII took extra long to make because they originally used the PS2 engine they made. Then they had to write a brand new engine for the PS3. And then they had to port it to 360 because MS threw money at them (and it took them 2 years, no less). Now they have an engine, they have the story, the game design.. a solid chunk of work for them is already done. If they think it will take them 10 times longer then there is something seriously wrong with their time management. Either that or they are just setting their sights way too high.

Reibooi3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

If Sqaure didn't redo alot of the stuff VII did it would be a crap remake.

Script for example NEEDS to be redone. Go back and play the original VII it is FULL of messed up lines and engrish. They NEED to redo that script.

They would have to redo concept art because the game would be going to a new engine and the concepts would need to be updated to reflect that otherwise they would not look as good. I could go on and on.

The fact of the matter is the stuff they WOULD have to do coupled with the fact that VII was a much bigger game means they would end up taking more time doing it. Not much. But more nonetheless. They have no reason to lie. They know it's gonna make a metric crapton of money so they are saying what they believe and seeing as they make the games you we don't I tend to believe what they say.

As for "never heard a developer complain so much about potential "challenges" in developing a video game" Take a look at Valve. They spew that crap on EVERY game they make as for why it's not going to PS3. SE is saying this about 1 game. The FFVII remake. It's not like they are saying everything is impossible.

Millah3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Fixing a script that is rougly translated doesn't take NEARLY as long as imagining the entire script from the beginning. They could hire a SINGLE person to relocalize the script, thats simple shit.

And like I said, they would have to redo some concept art and things like that. But once again, since they have something to base it off of, the artist simply has to take an existing design and translate it to modern graphics. That takes nowhere near the same amount of time as imagining all the original artwork to begin with. Again, that is trivial stuff.

The meat and bones is doing the coding and creating the entire game design and all the concepts. All of that is completed. For them to change those kinds of things, it would no longer be a remake. Rather, it would be "take two" on the FF7 universe. Same story, same setting, different game design. Thats not a remake anymore.

With this quote, Square is basically admitting themselves that FF7 is a much more vast and deeper game than FF13. Don't you see something wrong with that? They complained about FF13, saying it was impossible to make towns in HD, or that its too difficult to translate a JRPG into HD, etc. This isn't the first time Squares complained recently.

hay3067d ago

@Reibooi: Yeah, the keyword is redo. Not make from scratch. Think of everything from point 0. Create everything from nothing or bunch of ideas.

R E D O.

jetlian3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

reasons it could take long. Like reibooi said its a bigger game. one thing most fans hated about 13 was a lack of towns,7 has plenty. they would have to remake all that. Also even though they have an engine the old game may not be good with the changes.

Most people know goldeneye isn't as good as new age shooters because of the single analog. towns that work in prerendered backgrounds may need to be remapped for full 3d. Also would they keep the old fighting or the newer ones.

milliah it took 4 years for 7 and 4 for 13. All that tells me is they don't feel its profitable to spend more than 4 years. And to add all those towns and mini games need more time than they have. Also FF don't sell like the old ones. they sell less and cost more.

Millah3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

FF games don't sell well anymore? Thats all the more reason for them to remake their HIGHEST SELLING version of FF ever. Even though that's not true, seeing as FF12 sold very well and FF13 was a success as well. Maybe the slightly lower than normal sales have to do with the lower quality as well? If you abandon your core fanbase, then who do you expect to purchase your games?

And thats all the more reason to remake FF7, something thats clearly in high demand and something that would clearly be a smash hit. Square is missing out on a HUGE cash cow for them, simply because they see a few challenges in making it. Thats just downright pathetic. I don't care what you say.

I honestly think what the real issue is that Square is afraid of screwing it up. They would have to make the game perfect, otherwise they risk tarnishing the FF7 image and brand. I just don't think Square is capable of pulling it off anymore, and they know it. I wouldn't even want a remake unless Sakaguchi, Uematsu, and the entire original team were involved.

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Pink_Uni3067d ago

ok so kitase is definitely implying that it would take 30-40 years

but thats total BS

the entire design part of it is already done and they can just reuse the ff13 engine

it would probably take them like 2 years to actually do it, it really isn't that big of a game

they just dont want to do it, so they're just making up all this BS about it to make it seem greater then it actually is

Christopher3067d ago (Edited 3067d ago )

Two years, tops. And they'd only have to use technical staff (artists, coders, etc.) since all of the design/direction/writing is already done. If they redo the CGI, then they can easily outsource a graphical update outside of the company.

They'd likely only have to spend one to two million dollars to update the game itself and would easily see multi-million sales in Japan alone. The problem is, IMHO, they're too full of themselves and will push all the other FF BS they can down people's throats until they don't want it anymore... and then they'll remake the games people want with updated graphics once people stop buying their crap.

SpoonyRedMage3066d ago

Umm, I don't mean to sound dickish, but you clearly have no idea about the costs of video games.

The FFIV remake on the DS cost around 2 million, and FFVII remake would cost at least 20 million(which isn't that bad) but could end up cost a lot, lot more.

Christopher3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Not to sound rude, but you're not very bright if you think it would cost 20 million to update the game to 720p and some enhanced graphics. That's the cost associated with a brand new game in development, including writing, design, art direction, engine development, etc. Not a AAA title by today's standards, but most games put out today have similar costs in development.

Also, the FFIV remake included redoing a lot of the game itself (aka unnecessary edits) and included the costs on Publishing/Marketing the game.

God of War Collection was done in about a year and cost about $1 million to do, using an outside company to do the updates. That was two games, about one year, very low costs involved. Understandably FFVII is a larger leap in design, but SE already has the core artwork that's been done in the various games/media using the same characters laid out in them. Would be a lot of graphical updating, but not at all impossible in two years with proper management.

Optical_Matrix3066d ago

You say all of this about how it would cost a lot etc and be too much. So then why, when I play Star Ocean: The Last Hope, White Knight Chronicles and other console JRPG's from this gen, am I treated to more expansive maps and towns, which FFXIII lacked?
The game is amazing no doubt, I'm still playing it after end game, trying to platinum it. But Square Enix's excuses are full of sh*t.

You guys need to realise why FFXIII cost so much and took so long to make. They had to build a next gen engine from the ground up. Do you know how expensive and time consuming that is. Look at how long Killzone 2 took to make, and compare that to the turn around time of KZ3. Killzone 2 wont take nearly as long to make and wont cost as much because the engine is there.
Square Enix have the engine, all they need to do is work with it an produce a remake of FFVII. If Tri-Ace can make a game with towns and non linear environments then Square Enix's main team damn well can. They just need to stop spreading their profits and resources so thin on mobile phone games, publishing sh*tty western properties and FF1/II ports, and bring us some top quality games.

It's not a case of can they or can't they. They can. But they're too lazy as it won't be as quick as making a quick DS port in a year and bagging 2.5 million easy sales and profit. So disgusting.

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MxShade3067d ago

Wow, that's a huge estimate for a simple game remake. You wouldn't think it'd be that hard to take a game that's already made and remake it.

snakebite363067d ago

I wonder how a 3D dot game heroes version of FF7 would be.

Noami3067d ago

style like ff13...idk.. prob would be end up better making it fo ds ..and i mean fallout is big..dint take them 30year to develop... i think they are just making up excuses.