Top 10 Games Released in May

Aside from March, May was easily the biggest month in 2010 so far in terms of quality new releases. Here are the top ten titles that were released in the past month.

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movements3064d ago

Red Dead Redemption: The best amongst the bunch imo!

mjolliffe3064d ago

Maybe even the best game of the year so far :)

Cheeseknight283064d ago

I would say that Mass Effect 2 is the best of the year, or Mario Galaxy 2 personally.

God of War 3 and 3D Dot Game Heroes were both really, really good too though.

N4GAddict3064d ago

A hard choice between RDR and SMG2.

Elimin83064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Don't know why you got disagrees but I agree.... I was skeptical till I played the game. It is that good. Most single player fun I have had n a while....

user8586213064d ago

Just finished Alan Wake last night, great game! hopefully Remedy make season 2

poopface13064d ago (Edited 3064d ago )

Both of these games are getting free DLC, at least for the people who have new copies.

The next alan wake episode is in july I think, cant wait.

I barley even played the multiplayer of read dead yet either. But when I did I played for like 2 hours and didnt even realize it because it was so fun.

AliTheBrit193064d ago

Are you serious?

Super Mario Galaxy 2 in first over Red Dead Redemption?

Forget May, Red Dead Redemption is probably #1 for all of 2010, if not, at least in the top 3.

3064d ago
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