New Challengers May Appear? Downloadable Characters Hinted at for Super Street Fighter IV

Kyle writes "Rumors have been running around the net about new characters for Super Street Fighter IV being offered as DLC. While this has been mostly wishful thinking, there is now some tidbits that will back up the claims."

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kagon013068d ago

this is complete bull$***

I wont support dlc(scammed incomplete game), so they may want to add and charge for dlc characters just like SCIV by making it more unbalanced for gamers that can't support it like me!?...

Are you ****ing serious Capcom!?

I'm tired of this digital(leasing) distribution bull$***...

FACTUAL evidence3068d ago

I hope they put Yun,and oro on it! Hell slap in rolento while you're at it!

topdawg1223068d ago

I play SF all year so I'm not complaining, I could see myself playing this game for years. For those who don't like this I could see where you're coming from, but if you're not totally engrossed into the game. I don't see why you're even playing SF to be honest. It's incredibly deep and that is how you get the most fun and best competition out of it.

harlem_v13068d ago

I'm kind of torn by this. On one hand I like that the game will keep fresh. But yeah, the DLC not being added into the game is such ass. Then again, it's possibly Mike Haggar and yes I would pay to play as him.

Ugly Bob3068d ago

As long as they put Hugo, I'll be happy!

Ein, Zwei, Drei! ENDE!

edsoliz3068d ago

I don't play SSFIV but as a gamer, I think the way these guys are nickel-and-diming us sucks.

tmj3068d ago

It's a bunch of crap. Simple as that.

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The story is too old to be commented.