What Game Made You Lose It ?

Guerrilla Play writes: In my days of gaming I have smashed up several controllers. Exactly how I smashed each one well, I wont get into that. Lets just say it was bitter sweet destruction at its finest.

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RememberThe3573774d ago

I never ended up finishing that game and I broke my Xbox controller lol.

Also the lag in COD4 used to infuriate me.

Army_of_Darkness3773d ago

in dead space!! F#@K I almost wanted to drop kick my Television!!!!

Neo Nugget3773d ago

That trophy was a bitch until I played it on a bigger tv.

HolyOrangeCows3773d ago

I nearly lost it on a quicktime event in some shooter on the Wii. The commands were so poorly displayed, I couldn't get all the movements right in a row for half a friggin' hour.

bobcostus3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Batman Arkham Asylum, Shock and Awe Extreme challenge.

Single hardest/most luck based thing I've done in my gaming life.

NecrumSlavery3773d ago

Im stick at 99% cause I can't finish Shk&AweEXTREME!!!!

Awesome game but jiminy friggin jilickers batman, that is udderly hard!!!

BldyShdw3773d ago

Because I have the AA platinum and dont remember the names. Some were damn tricky though lol

bobcostus3773d ago

Nope it was a regular challenge required for platinum.

If you were lucky you could get it in one try, but it requires so much luck it's not even funny. I, unfortunately, am not lucky, and it took me like 6 hours of non-stop trying. One 2 minute challenge, took me 6 hours. *sigh*

CrimsonFox133773d ago

Warhawk, definitely. Was having a very bad night and I decided to play a quick death match before I got off. I had like 10 deaths in a row.

Downtown boogey3773d ago

"I had like 10 deaths in a row."

Ok... What's this?

Xulap3773d ago

Modern Warfare 2.

Freaking glitchers and unbalanced matches.
I remember this guy who played like he was Hellboy. Running super fast, jumping from roofs and gunning with double uzis... He was so fast that I saw him jumping on a roof in front of me, then I started aiming to get him, and in a matter of seconds he came shot me from the back. FUUUU--!

And the unlimited air drops and airstrikes glitches also made me rage.

BulletBtweenUrEyes3773d ago

And we have a winner.... MW2. Seriously, what the he'll were they thinking when they released this game. If you are not an asshole and don't like to cheat then this game isn't for you. Instant respawn deaths, commando(getting knifed from 10yds away), joining game sessions(which had begun b4 I joined) where basically it's nothin but the death of your teams and the other team is just racking up kills until time runs out and you feel like you can't even move an inch b4 you get killed because everyone has unlimited chopper gunner and ac130s. I broke 2 1/2 controllers I'm done with MW2.

FanboysWillHateMe3773d ago

I feel that almost all my deaths are cheap. I'll have the jump on a guy, he throws a grenade and boom I die. But when I throw grenades, enemies somehow roll out of the way. Those things seriously need a longer time fuse. Shotguns are ridiculous, you don't even need to aim, just gotta run around. Getting killed by grenades, shotguns, rockets, grenade launchers, it all feels cheap to me. And then the one where they hipfire at you for a second, then melee you so you die? That sh1t NEVER works for me, but I'm always the victim of it. And I'm not even that bad, my kill/death ratio is around 2. I should keep all the bullsh1t moments I've had and make it into a video.

Call of Duty 2 veteran mode was insanity too. The floor probably has a minor dent in it from all my fist banging.

Multiplayer in general gives me a hot temper. I'm very competitive because I know I'm pretty good at this sort of thing, so to die gets me pretty worked up. Makes me wish I could go back to the first months I had my 360 playing Rainbow Six Vegas, when I was just happy to have a next gen console. Back then I'd be 0-12 and I'd still be having a blast. Nowadays, I don't consider a game good unless I have twice as many kills as deaths.

Tomdc3773d ago

You just need more skill at uncharted :P I have never had a game that I have not had more kills than deaths ever so it clearly got skill to it. I find COD cheaper.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3773d ago

CoD4 veteren. One shot one kill. I died five times carrying Cpt McDougal or whatever his name was to the chopper. And the last checkpoint is when the chopper is 3.5Km away.

FanboysWillHateMe3773d ago

My kill/death ratio is over 2, so I think I have more skill than the average player.

commodore643773d ago

yep, ninja gaiden.

I did finish the game, but it is immeasurably hard on the highest difficulty.
My xbox controller sustained damage, as did the wall!

PoSTedUP3773d ago

mario bros, the first one for the reg. nintendo. no save game, only three lives, you bet your ass there was stuff being broken when i lost that last life.

Rainstorm813773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Racing the White Angel Car used to be the bane of my existence, if you didnt perfectly race you would lose and they gave you a head start.

right at the end of the race here comes the white car. Made me want to drop kick the wall.

But getting that frustrated with a game makes it all the better when you win. Oh and Top Gun was impossible.

Thats why there were Game Genies and Pro Action Replay codes. In those eras.

Edit: Trying to beat Akari Warriors on NES takes the crown i take it back.

wxer3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

some N00bs in BFBC2 in my team of course
that make dumb things and costs us the game, and i lose it when i get knifed and someone gets my golden dog tag

there is alot of other games that makes me Mad
but this is what i remember now since i was playing the game last night

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3773d ago

I feel your pain, a month ago I was in the top 15 in BFBC2 (PS3) so I was a rank 50. Let's just say I was pretty much on everyones hit list. Newbies whould message me hourly "can I get your tag" or "I got your tag". Of course I would message back ' your a nobody " . Also I noticed if newbies stuck me in the back, they would leave.... coincident ? nope.

insomnium3773d ago

What's the thing with the golden dog tags? Why are they important to some? Is there a trophy I haven't heard of?

beardpapa3773d ago

Burnout paradise - stupid game needs a 'gps' something like in RDR/Gta for races.

DBZ budokai Wii - horrendous controls. When gestures clearly don't make a game great.

Ri0tSquad3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I beat it on the hardest difficulty too. I found COD4 on veteran to be harder. The beginning levels are very easy on veteran and you can skip most enemies and reach checkpoints. What made it difficult for me was the "No Fighting In The War Room" level. The placement of the enemies and the two hit kills made it nearly impossible to beat. I had to of died over 100 times on that level before I finally beat it. Just thinking about it makes me angry, lol.

SaiyanFury3773d ago

Ninja Gaiden is a game that wants you to play it it's way. A demanding controller scheme doesn't help. I easily overcame Ninja Gaiden Sigma because I learned the moves and how to deal with different enemies. NGS2 was the same and the best way to deal with enemies if you can is the Ultimate charge. You need to time your evasions with it, and doing so you can overcome the majority of enemies if you can do it well. At first it was hard, but I learned the game system and the games became much easier.

JsonHenry3773d ago

Mike Tyson's Punch Out, BattleToads, Ninja Gaiden 2 (NES), and the Atari 2600 version of PitFall.

Games made today are all easy in comparison. Even Demon's Souls.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3773d ago

CoD4. 10,9,8,7,6 "Stand down, its a draw" WTF!!! Why couldnt the host leave before the game started? That really annoyed me.

Downtown boogey3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I usually lose it the worst in some multiplayer games but I what comes to a specific moment in a game I'd have to say the last part of the Tsernobyl mission on CoD4 where you have to hold the position near the ferris wheel and the last part of Zeus on GoWIII. Both took me 1,5-2 hours to complete. Oh, and the Mile High club of CoD4 on Veteran. Cheez... After beating the game on Veteran I could NOT get how the game was any fun AT ALL. I I was on the PS3 so NO achievements due for that reign of agony!

MotorStorm, some pretty random 4th level race (5 lvls in total), Rain God Mesa as the track and vehicles were limited to buggies. FREAKING unbelievable rubber-band AI! That took me three DAYS!!!

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LeonSKennedy4Life3774d ago

The Lost World on Donkey Kong Country 2.
Loco Roco: Cocchorecho (I JUST WANT TO TILT AND BOUNCE WITH SIXAXIS CONTROLS! Whoever was in charge of Q&A on that one should be fired.)
Devil May Cry 3 (The last Vergil battle)
The last blast shard on inFamous
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie The Game

I've never had trouble with Ninja Gaiden...none of them.

Rainstorm813773d ago

DMC3 was harder than either NG IMHO. But NG boss cheesing is crazy, on NG2 towards the end you fight like 5 bosses nearly back to back.

Off Topic:

Am I in the twilight Zone?!? *music plays*

Gamers getting along on N4G????????

darkdoom30003773d ago

Yes indeed, I sucked badly at DMC3 at first, died against cereberus 20 times before I decided i had to switch to easy.

Im pretty good now, finished DMD mode, that was hell- used up like 10 large vital stars against vergil 3.

hatchimatchi3774d ago

sonic and the secret rings for the wii

That game is beyond horrible. I thought I was losing my mind when I was playing that game, not to mention it had me chain smoking like a fiend. Easily the most frustrating game I've ever played.

IrishAssa3774d ago

Landing a plane in Top Gun on Snes(nes maybe), only ever suceeded once.

TANUKI3773d ago

Haha, the Angry Video Game Nerd talks about that Top Gun sequence a few times.

I should try doing that landing sequence one day. I'll probably fail too!

TooTall193773d ago

I remember that. It was on the nes

Tron_Rocks3774d ago

None have.. I am not a child.

Rainstorm813773d ago

Cause only children get frustrated with games./s

In actuallity it only when you become competitive does a game start to frustrate you, most children are just happy to be playing win or lose.

Downtown boogey3773d ago

So what does that have to do with anything? You not being a child, I mean.