Uncharted 2 loses features with new update?

Roughly an hour ago at 1 p.m. EST Naughty Dog released their latest update for Uncharted 2 Multiplayer and it hasn’t gone over well. While players were awaiting “Double Cash Weekend” with baited breath, it turns out that the update actually removed several features.

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jack_burt0n3117d ago

I swear all the ND management have literally gone on holiday since christmas and left the f**king janitor in charge.

Sure they are the best developer in the world with the worst janitor ever!

1.05 and its just gotten worse since then disgusting support.

Ocelot5253117d ago

it's like the makers of the orange box PS3 were doing the updates

craggz3117d ago

That would be Valve then. The lack of updates follows on to the 360 too sadly.

Ocelot5253117d ago

no, EA-london did the port

craggz3117d ago

Oh wow ok I didn't know that, still it sucks XD

Trey_4_life3116d ago

No problem, just go to single player and stare at the beautiful, ground breaking, only possible on ps3 graphics that UC2 produces While everyone waits for the patch to be released

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-Alpha3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I'm actually playing some Co-op with my friends. Just went online to see what Siege mode is about because I'm going to buy it.

Truly is the most underrated MP of last year. Wish it got more support and advertising for the Multiplayer, it's awesome.

That said Naughty Dog needs some assistance when it comes to online. They have a solid game but are far too focused on making everybody happy. I hated the CODish patch and they subsequently had to adjust weapon damage for it. I love the Lab though. Surely it will be fixed. I haven't updated it as I've started playing before the patch went up.

thief3117d ago

The siege mode is actually just a variant of the coop survival mode - it just forces players to stick together, which is exactly the way survival should be played, though unfortunately in survival once in a while you find two players who run to opposite ends of the map and I spend the entire session running from one to other reviving the two idiots! So siege is just a way of taking out that element.

jack_burt0n3117d ago

Coop is still fun. Least that survived.

Ju3117d ago

Siege is not just survival. Sure, similar. But it makes you stick together and move from spot to spot. I quite like it.

Siege gives you "survival" zones. One at a time, and it moves on in waves like survival. You and your buddies have to stay in a range of that zone to protect it for a certain amount of time. Once the time is over, it moves to the next zone. You have to find them and it starts over. With every wave it gets harder. Zones are picked randomly, AFAIS. 10 waves again, like the usual.

It's not quite survival where you usually find a sweetspot and defend wave after wave.

DaTruth3117d ago

"though unfortunately in survival once in a while you find two players who run to opposite ends of the map and I spend the entire session running from one to other reviving the two idiots!"

Truer words have never been spoken!

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poopface13117d ago

I played this game every day till then and now they just keep messing it up more and more.

The multiplayer was great when the game was released and is the reason why I bought it the first day it was out.

WildArmed3117d ago

That is the one patch I resent having.
The damage update really screwed up the balance.

I've only played 2-3 matches since that update.
Still very fun.
But too different for me.
I still love the co-op.
Atleast when i get idiots that know to stay behind cover and revive your teammates.
It's not all about who has the highest score -.-

PolyTicks223117d ago

Ha! Someone as asleep at the update wheel over at Naughty Dog!

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