The Moore Interview: On Japan, Sony, And Halo 3

In an in-depth interview with Gamasutra, Peter Moore speaks his thoughts about Xbox 360 in Japan, Sony PS3, and Halo 3.

As part of the Gamasutra interview, Peter Moore has been discussing the need for broader Xbox 360 appeal, commenting " much as we love our hardcore guys... we've got to get fun back in the living room on our platform", and hinting at a Tokyo Game Show reveal for new broader-appeal content.

Also within interview published today on Gamasutra, the exec has been commenting on the likelihood of seeing upcoming Final Fantasy games appearing on Xbox 360, suggesting "we would hope" to have Final Fantasy XIII on Microsoft's next-gen console.

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lVlemphizStylez5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

sooooo....when's he gonna shut up?? I thought he resigned...why's he still talking??

achira5417d ago

because he is a fanboy. on ea's place i would fire him.

Rythrine5417d ago

If I remember correctly, his resignation will take effect on August so basically, he's still employed by Microsoft till then.

MADGameR5417d ago

Peter Moore will probably slip a check in Square Enix's mail to make FFXIII exclusive. If FFXIII does go Multi platform, I would'nt be surprised. I know Petey will be slipping checks and then act like Square Eniz wanted to make it multi platform and say ''Look! ladies and gentleman! Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the 360!'' Greedy greedy...

kamakazi5417d ago

maybe hes still mad at sony over the dreamcast days.

Thugbot1875417d ago

I wonder if his new position and grudge against Sony can tilt EA in Microsoft’s favor.

ER1X5417d ago

EA is all about money. No person is going to sway them from staying multiplatform on most every title they make. If nothing else they'll continue to make crappy ports just to score a few extra bucks.

boi5417d ago

well he can say whatever he likes, his opinion...but that doesn't effect Sony nor Nintendo

lVlemphizStylez5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

you're right...but as a a grown man. It looks ridiculous when you cant keep Sony and Nintendo's name out your mouth..Im not going to say the others haven't done it, but damn you'd be blind not to see that he takes it to another level than just a competitive quip...

nobizlikesnowbiz5417d ago (Edited 5417d ago )

He's still talking because he's still closely involved with his new baby, the 360.

He seems determined to get back at Sony for the Dreamcast IMO.

Do you guys just want him to shut up because he talks about the competition? Sony execs. have been spewing fanboy flame nonsense and you guys all fawn over it.

<EDIT> Yep. He probably is a businessman first. I wouldn't doubt that.

But, he might have a grudge against Sony for killing his Dreamcast. Which is why I'm waiting also, to see if he tries anything fancy.

THAMMER15417d ago

It still to be determined of More is going to lay the EA smack down on them. I would cause I believe in revenge. But Peter Moore seems to be a Business man 1st.

But Sonys execs have been running that mouth allot. Lets just wait to see. Moore is only over EA sports not all EA. His full influence is yet to be seen.

artman5417d ago

MS never tell any BS, is that what you mean THAMMER??
well I've heard more BS by MS than SONY or other company I've known. You check the web.

Since windows 3.1 anyone?

Nicosia5417d ago

Loved the last part of the intervieuw, he is the prince of darkness hahaha.

ShiftyLookingCow5417d ago

yeah it was very funny indeed, for people who don't read after the jump

GS: This is a bit of a sensitive question - you've no doubt seen the photoshops of yourself with devil horns…I have to ask you – are you in fact the Prince of Darkness?

PM: Damn, my cover's blown! Let me just tuck the tail in back there!

GS: I knew it!

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