Xbox 360 E3 2010 Preview

Hi guys we all know that IGN did a “PlayStation E3 2010 Preview” so I decided I would do a Xbox 360 E3 2010 Preview because you guys would probably want to know what's going to be special in E3 for the Xbox 360 (and I had nothing to do with my life) So lets start this.

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Hallmark Moment3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

-Half Life 3
-Project Offset
-Fight Night R4 Adapted for Natal
-Perfect Dark 2(not zero)
-Portal 2 adapted for Natal
-Dashboard redesign for Natal
-Mass Effect Multi player game or add-on
-360 redesign(SLIM)
-Halo Reach single player footage of a later build
-Gears of war 3 footage of later build.
-Sweet party game for Natal
-hand/palm controller with trigger and joystick for Natal
-Fable 3 with smart Natal use.
-Star Wars Battle Front III
-Dance Dance Revolution Built for Natal
-Test Drive Unlimited 2 gameplay
-Lost Odyssey 2 Dev has been talking lately

soxfan20053117d ago

I'm holding out hope for Project Gotham Racing 5. I heard rumors a few months ago, but I've heard nothing since. Hopefully it's just been kept under wraps.

ManGastaS3116d ago

hand/palm controller with trigger and joystick for Natal ???

AtatakaiSamurai3116d ago

.MS showed THIS and said THAT's what natal is capable of.

since they have "too many" games for Natal, I think it's reasonable to expect we don't just get a bunch of dart, bowling, swatting balls or bugs, throwing paint on a wall type games and have THOSE games shown in the vid

the vid showed Natal has HD looking games for Fighting, Racing, Soccer (real time used for FIFA and PRO EVO), real time skate boarding and high end voice recognition abilities ALL in current gen HD graphics.

now, let's see if THAT's what they show at E3. My guess is, it ain't happening. They'll bring out hanna montana on stage acting like she's having "too much fun!" playing yet another version of richochet and ms will be deemed teh winner! prove me wrong at e3 ms, prove me wrong.

Conloles3116d ago

HL3 will debut on PC way before it debuts on consoles.

mrv3213117d ago

-Portal 2 adapted for Natal

HAHA, LOL. Portal is about being accurate, quick and Natal doesn't do that aswell as a controller.

niceguywii603117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

You don't know what Natal can do LOL STFU. All the previewers as of late say Nothing about the older concerns Natal seems vastly improved. Did you even read and understand his post? Microsoft said the will be a Natal attachment for more traditional games for Natal(like Wii and Move sub controllers) back around last E3.

mrv3213117d ago

I know what the human body can do though. Here and idea, hold you arm out for 45 minutes see how steady you are then. Plus try and write by sticking a pen to your arm, and now try it again with your fingers see which is better.

If I know nothing about what Natal can do, how come you do? Maybe you interpreted the results differently... I see it as it is, or slightly more pessimistically.. you on the other hand sugar coats it.

commodore643116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I find it a bit of a sad reflection on the immaturity of the n4g community when I see 'Hallmark Moment' offer us his wishlist and there are 14+ disagrees.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?
The guy has a wishlist and 14 trolls + disagree with it?
Honestly. The behaviour on here is beyond childish.

On a more positive note, my personal wishlist extends to:
- 360 slim
- 360 pricecut

That would certainly get me excited!
After 5 years, the 360 needs a slim revision.
The ps3 had one after 2 years, and look at the positive effect it had.
So why not the 360?

PLAYstar3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

I don't think people disagreeing because of the 360, but because of how lame his wishes are!

PLAYstar3116d ago

hand/palm controller with trigger and joystick for Natal?!
Dude, are you misinformed? Natal is design to be controller free(Which is pretty stupid) I see your reason to wish for that I guess. If it came true, M$ might actually have to swallow their own words once again. LAWL!

Fable 3 with smart Natal use?!
Ohhh ... Do I also need a realism dog to interact with the game? It seems like my dog would be more needed than I am to play that game.

Sweet party game for Natal?!
Err, you gotta be kidding~! I don't wish seeing people dancing like a pedophilia in my house! No way!

kingdavid3116d ago

Nuh it will likely be 720 and pc simulataneous release

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m233117d ago

I'm looking forward to
Halo Reach Campaign footage
Gears of War 3 footage
Fable 3 Footage
Killer Instinct 3 Announcement
360 Slim
New Dashboard for Natal
See what Natal can really do, and some great games with it
All the rest unannounced stuff.

Chaostar3116d ago

Why do articles keep using that bullshot video to promote Natal? Do people still actually believe its real?

Gears 3 demo please :)

xtremexx3116d ago

Sorry about that but i said before it, that this was its first video

"Project natal was first announced in a video"

and then at the bottom of the video

"This was the first time I saw it "

Chaostar3116d ago

Yeah I understand that but there are videos of actual Natal footage that could be used. The promotional video is nothing but concept there is no actual Natal in that video so really it's not the first time you saw it. I'm not denying Natals potenial (although the vid is aiming waaay high) i'm just sick of seeing that vid pop up.

xtremexx3116d ago

ok if you have any good video of natal then i would love to put it up, thanks very much

Chaostar3116d ago

Heres a few:

They aren't exactly flattering, which I can now see why someone promoting Xbox would not want to use the actual footage available, I guess you made the right video choice after all ;)

E3 should bring use some better videos and game variety as well as (hopefully) actual public opinion based on unrestricted demo play.

m233116d ago

I like how in that burnout demo, people are just able to switch on the fly.

xtremexx3116d ago

ok thanks ill put them up now :)

Kingdom Come3116d ago

Microsoft have only announced a number of exclusives in line to be shown at E3:
-Gears of War 3 (HELL YEAH!)
-Halo Reach
-Fable 3
-Crackdown 2
I'm guessing a number of huge games are going to be announced, this is going to be great. As long as I get my dose of Gears of War gameplay, I'm happy. But I'm hoping we dont just get some multiplatform games or DLC Exclusives or LIVE Arcade titles. Looking forward to E3 Nonetheless!