DJ Hero Renegade Edition Heavily Discounted

"Patience pays off as the $199 DJ Hero Renegade Edition featuring Jay-Z and Eminem is deeply discounted over at Amazon!"

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readiandnot3888d ago

Talk about a massive discount.
I may get this for the 360.

Evil_Ghosty3888d ago

Trying to get rid of this at work for around $89 AUD. Still no takers.
Regular DJ Hero i think is about $79 AUD on clearance.

Personally I don't think it was the best of ideas to have introduced this game
but i know alot of people like it still.

JoySticksFTW3888d ago

I got it when it was $200.

I actually like it a lot more than the DJ Hero / Rock Band stuff.

It mixes all types of different music genres

peeps3888d ago

i was really tempted when i saw the standard edition on sale the other day for £35 but resisted. I imagine it would be a lot of fun at first but would just turn into yet more clutter to add to the 2 guitars, drumkit and microphone that i never use anymore

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