inFAMOUS 2 to be revealed in next issue of ROPS

Scrawl: "The latest issue of the Portugal’s PlayStation: The Official Magazine is teasing the reveal of inFAMOUS 2 in their next issue. The magazine ends with a picture showing the eyes of the first game’s protagonist Cole MacGrath and the words underneath: “The announcement of a great PlayStation 3 exclusive in the next ROPS.”"

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Hyrius3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

SOCOM 4, LBP 2, Killzone 3 and now InFamous 2. All announced before E3.

Sony has too many games to announce all of them during the conference. 8)

sikbeta3066d ago


OMG!!! So Many Games, that's Freaking Crazy, This Sony E3 Will be The Best Ever....

WhittO3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

lol wtf!? Like all of Sonys games are getting announced before the conference!

Hope they have SOME surprises still! Hoping on a big FW update lol.

Its smart since alot of the focus is on Sony going into E3 and each of their announcements gets room to breath before the onslaught in a couple of weeks.
But I still want to be "wowed" at E3 lol.

fedex6823066d ago

maybe we will hear about it in E3.

Strange_Evil3066d ago

Not to forget Resistance 3 as well.. It might also get announced this E3.

nix3066d ago

argh!! my head is going to burst!!!! q:

hay3066d ago

When does this magazine come out? Can't wait!

-Alpha3066d ago

Twisted Metal has been confirmed?

This is very good news. I am hoping it incorporates some awesome co-op, inFamous would be great with co-op.

Raf1k13066d ago

I think PSN+ is going to be a big part of Sony's conference so they probably won't be able to fit in all the games.

Commander TK3065d ago

only Resistance 3 for an announcement at E3?

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jwatt3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

OMG This is one of my favorite and most surprising game this gen along with Batman AA. I can't wait to hear details about the game!

TheHater3066d ago

The original inFAMOUS was such a surprised and I was so surprised by how much I liked the game. Looking back, I only enjoyed God of War 3 more than inFAMOUS this entire generation.

Akagi3066d ago

Seriously, this is one of the strongest line ups at e3 yet. Gaming FTW!

arakouftaian3066d ago

and RESISTANCE 3 will have a trailer with gameplay im sure of it

secksi-killer3066d ago

and definately a day-one buy for the second! a touch samey imo, but still one of the best new i.p's to come this gen..

the open-world genre now has some cracking franchises: infamous, crackdown, gta, saints row and now red dead. all of them games that i have mentioned have given me countless hours of enjoyment!!

i hope that we see a new saints row at E3 aswell!!

now microsoft really need to take notice of sonys first party policy. lots of studios making games that make your console a must-have!

callahan093066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Here's what I predict will *definitely* be at the E3 presentation:

- Gran Turismo 5 release date
- Killzone 3 trailer

Here's what I predict is *likely* to be at the E3 presentation:

- LittleBigPlanet 2 presentation
- inFamous 2 trailer
- Resistance 3 announcement

Here's what I *hope* is at the E3 presentation:

- Agent trailer
- The Last Guardian gameplay
- Demon's Souls 2 announcement

Here's what I think will be available to play on the show floor, but will probably not be a significant part of the presentation:

- DC Universe Online
- The Agency
- Free Realms
- 3D games and Move titles

And then there's going to be some new game announcements.

I'm being kind of safe with these predictions and only mentioning games we know exist (and Demon's Souls 2).

Redempteur3066d ago

likely to be at E3 presentation

God of war ghost of sparta trailer ..

callahan093066d ago

Oh yeah, I wasn't really considering PSP stuff. There's sure to be some of that, too, but I personally don't care about PSP stuff, I'm more interested in the PS3 stuff, so I didn't bother to make PSP predictions.

I am interested in more God of War, though, so the Ghost of Sparta presentation will be nice to see, and one of the few handheld games I'll be looking forward to (and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker).

Blacktric3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )


That's what I was thinking since the announcement of Killzone 3. Leak didn't happen too early too. It was going to be featured in the next Gamepro so it was also going to be an early announcement before E3 anyway. Sony's got some big (by big I mean BIG) things up in their sleeves. I can't wait for E3 2010. My heart was nearly exploded while watching all the conferences in E3 2009. I think I'll be dead after E3 2010 ends.

knight6263066d ago

looks like sony is showing the games that people already know where coming i bet they going to talk about third party exclusives at E3 like Agent cant wait for E3

interrergator3066d ago

forgetting starhawk is supposed to be at E3

ReservoirDog3163066d ago

Loved inFamous. One of the few games I played so much I actually got the platinum trophy. Can't wait.

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ExgamerLegends23066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

I see someone couldnt wait to turn yoshiro's comment into an news article lol

anazagi's comment makes it funny.

fedex6823066d ago

Does this magazine release before E3? if so I am very eager to see what Sony have for E3!

saint_john_paul_ii3066d ago

well, the mag says 22 of june on the top right. so technically, its probably leaked.

but at the same time, that pic is Really obvious that this is INfamous, since its Cole on the pic

RussianGirl3066d ago

Yeah, but this pic is not new. It's taken from the last comic scene of the original game.

saint_john_paul_ii3066d ago

sooo....Why are they announcing all these games before E3? WTF?

sikbeta3066d ago

Too Many things to Show in the Conference...

TOO PAWNED3066d ago

E3 is for MOVE and other casual crap.

Hellsvacancy3066d ago

Maybe Sony has summin much bigger up there sleeves

SixZeroFour3066d ago

that kinda has to be the case, cause if it isnt and they just show never before seen footage/cutscenes of what they already revealed (ie. killzone3 demo, or lbp2 demo) then they really pulled the wrong move in showing everything before e3 hoping to build hype...this only applies IF they showed all their cards already and just hoping to show never before seen footage

table3066d ago

maybe sony is scared of natal and want to grab some early attention? that's my theory, but i dont think they have anything to fear from natal.

Sony are infamous for being stupid around E3. The same thing happened last year which led everyone to say microsoft won E3. That was just a red herring because sony actually had more substance but microsoft had more surprises.

Sure, E3 isn't a contest and it doesn't matter who 'wins', but all this leaking just ruins the fun.

bjornbear3066d ago

you hear voices? because from where I stand, everyone was saying their preferred company won

and grab some early attention: yes

fear of natal? get real

quiddd3066d ago

but I don't think that's being planned.