Racing Games... Too Many Racing Games!

PushSquare: "Burnout Paradise predates this website. It was released in January 2008, at a time when I didn't have to play every game that released. I picked it up sometime in September. Being a fan of arcade racers, it still bemuses me that I didn't buy it earlier, and I honestly can't for the life of me recall why. But I didn't - I picked it up late. At the time trophies were new, and Criterion had pledged a retrospective patch to all Burnout endeavours. I played the game for roughly 35 hours and then the trophy patch landed. It wasn't retrospective, so I started all over again. Immediately. 30 hours later I had my platinum trophy. I loved that game."

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spektical3116d ago

too many racing games in a month.

blur, split/second and modnation racers... these games had to share the market.

DarkSpawnClone3116d ago

tbh the only one i liked was modnation racers , the others where OK but lacked a fun factor for me i haven't seen sense need for speed underground 2 thats the last time i took a racing game seriously,but thats me i got tired of all the crappie racing games. i need some Twisted metal!

ExgamerLegends23116d ago

I remember this same topic about FPS's a few years back.

dizzleK3116d ago

too many racing games, too many shooters....what else is new? it's what the teens and tweens dig these days.

sikbeta3116d ago

Quantity Doesn't Matter, QUALITY is The Only Important Thing...

Ven10003116d ago

For Arcade my racer of choice was easily Burnout Paradise. That game had longevity with the continual expansions.

Now I have Modnation Racers which is a kart racer. This game will easily have tons of longevity as long as UFG comes out with expansions on tool and kart/track editing.

I won't be buying another racer till Gran Turismo 5.