The Best Games To Play Drunk

Gaming is a social experience for many of us, and can also be a way to vent our anger and frustration. That makes at least 2 things that video games and alcohol have in common (they're also both fun!).

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smashly3090d ago

haha, this is a great list.

vhero3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

Playing FPS games and GTA IV is terrible idea when your drunk take it from me ;) Especially if you play online. Kiss goodbye to your kill/death ratio. Brawl and fighting games are great. Wii bowling good too!

Megaman42xX3090d ago

Aren't you worried about a misfired wiimote when playing wii bowling drunk?

ThatArtGuy3090d ago

You *should* be able to remember the strap. We're talking drunk, not blasted.

NYShotgun063090d ago

Time to liquor up and play some games. I wonder why there were mushrooms in Gears.

brandynevils3090d ago

Liquor and social gaming goes together so well.

mau643090d ago

I like the suggestions he gives us to drink with each game.

Brewski0073090d ago

haha great list. I'd add some singstar into it also , drunk singstar always goes down a hit.

deafwing3090d ago

had that experience .. it was painfully interesting and funny

bakagaijin783090d ago

Rock Band is also fun. Any singing games are hilarious with a group of drinking friends.

garos823089d ago

you cant go wrong with singstar and a few pints!

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The story is too old to be commented.