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In 1998, people in America were introduced to a new fighting crossover. Although already in existence overseas as “X-Men Vs. Street Fighter”, this new installment introduced the ability to fight with a partner and perform team attacks of great scale against your enemy.

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NYShotgun063067d ago

To get this game on my console Spring 2010. This preview just got me hyped up again!

smashly3067d ago

56 characters seems like a ton.

Lord Gunchrote3067d ago

Since the graphics and engine are more advanced...they're only gonna have about half as many characters. (most current Gamepro)

Baka-akaB3067d ago

we dont know that . They said they are around thirty ready . Wich doesnt mean they'll stop there or go beyond .

And your assement is a bit wrong anyway imo . Adding loads of character would be easy in a 3d based engine .

The problem is adding them in 2d , wich is why in MVC2 and capcom vs snk quite a few sprites and their animations were straight rips form older games (like morrigan from darkstalker) .

Capcom had no issues adding a lots more characters in tatsunoko either , since it's a 3d engine based 2d game .

The only reason they could hold back , is their reent will to balance as much as possible characters , and eliminating crap characters no one wants ... wich is an increased risk with a too huge roster

CheatsMcGee3067d ago

So excited for this. I'm digging the new art style for it.

Lord Gunchrote3067d ago

They could have brought it to more platforms with sprites instead of the fancy graphics. I love MVC and I hope this one is good.

DaRoyalKing863067d ago

I Remember Playin This Back In The Day One Day One.It Took One Time Thats It And I Was Stuck,Im So Excited About This.It Will Be A Day One Purchase.

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The story is too old to be commented.