HookedGamers review: Super Mario Galaxy 2

HookedGamers writes: "Super Mario Galaxy 2 knows what it is, or more accurately, what it isn't. It's not a story driven epic and the story that is given has little impact on the game. Bowser has kidnapped Peach and taken her to space. Mario must team up with the Luma, a group of star-like beings and chase after Bowser. Basically, it's the story of the first game. Chances are if you enjoy any kind of Mario platformer, it isn't because of the story."

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readiandnot3116d ago

own a Wii, but this game looks really good for it.

Kakasquall3116d ago

The story isn't hard to grasp, but Mario games shouldn't be.
I just love how they improved the level design from the first game.