The Witcher 2: Naked Bath in Elven Ruins Part Two

Videogameszone published a brand new Triss Merigold screenshot and new infos of The Witcher 2.

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champ213116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Cant wait for this game.

Gonna have my hands full with:

Witcher 2
Dragonage 2

next year both of them being atleast 50hours playthroughs.

Simon_Brezhnev3116d ago

i didnt care for Dragon Age hopefully 2 a lot better but The Witcher 2 i can't wait for that game.

Nihilism3116d ago (Edited 3116d ago )

Same here, The Witcher is the only real medieval RPG I have played and it was my benchmark for Dragon Age...which was an empty shell of an RPG...

The best parts of Dragon AGe were outdone by The Witcher.

The Dialogue in The Witcher was way better, the characters all had a back story and you could see them in their role's, and see them elaborate on it throughout the game, instead of just a dot point of dialogue like in DA aka "Allistair is heir to the throne...the end."

it was barely even an RPG, with item skill descriptions like

"increases blood magic"....???? how???

and runes that didn't even work in weapons when using talents. In DA I began to build characters that only used passive skills because doing a single attack with 2x +15fire damage swords did more damage than using the flurry skills etc...which didn't apply that damage ( or the damage from the passive Mage fire and ice buffs )

DA was a weak ass console port for RPG noobs, the witcher was an adult game with adult dialogue and characters.

Forbidden_Darkness3116d ago

I love Dragon Age and can't wait for number 2. The Witcher sounds interesting, but the first one needs to come to PS3, otherwise i'll have to skip it...

miyakoS3115d ago

I've played both games and enjoy them. I'm not gonna compare which is better, but you give a weak argument for the Witcher's superiority. Skill descriptions are always vague to some degree - for example you don't know how much +hit you get by switching to precise sword style either in the Witcher - and that's a good thing. And if you thought "Alistair is the heir to the throne...the end" was the best part of Dragon Age's dialogue to compare to the Witcher, then I just pity you. Why are you judging the merit of an RPG by whether runes work when using talents rofl? That's like getting pissed off the Witcher's strong style is so weak if you put his talents into Signs... make a build that works with the system, not assume that the system should work with you... If you made a more credible argument rather than simplifying a comparison between the two games, you'd get more agrees.

Nihilism3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

I don't know how much clearer I can make my point:

Game Mechanics:

DA game mechanics were broken, I don't know if you know what 'pen and paper' RPG means, but RPG's are played by the stats, action RPG's less so, but DA was a completely broken game in that it made no sense to even choose to use skills at all.

Imagine if in The Witcher; there was so many blatant flaws that it was pointless to even put points into any sword styles at all...that's what level of broken we're talking about, i'm not even pedantic, I just noticed 1 broken thing after another.

Eg. Several entire character classes in Dragon Age are pointless, such as even making an archer of any kind, or choosing a two handed warrior, when a two handed warrior or rogue does much more damage.

A two handed rogue or even warrior ( using daggers ) has more defense and much more attack than a fully armoured sword and shield warrior...


The character you play in the Witcher ACTUALLY HAS A VOICE. so that basically doubles the game dialogue, and because your character has a voice there is much more interaction/immersion with the games characters. The dialogue and the story line were a convoluted POS, the Witcher was an original story

Working game mechanics/good dialogue/immersion a good RPG make...

The witcher has them, dragon age doesn't. The witcher was a debut game from a brand new developer and it was a better game for the reasons above as well as better graphically than dragon age ( a much newer game ), and there is no argument about which had better level design/art design... the witcher had a detailed/alive word, dragon ages worldbuilder must have only has 5 tree types for the whole game

and bioware is rich as F and a well known dev...

Last but not least:

DA was a poor mans 'Witcher' rip off.

Witchers: Undertake a ceremony in which they have to consume poison as well as undertaking arduous trainging that kills many that take part.

Grey Wardens: "The joining" strangely familiar don't you think?

I can't think of them right now but there were many examples of DA being a rip off...

kraze073115d ago

You know you're the only person I've seen on the internet that actually compares Dragon Age and The Witcher. You might as well be comparing Oblivion or Torchlight to the Witcher because the only thing similar about the two games is the fact that they're both WRPGs.

Raf1k13115d ago

He does have some good points though about the things that DA didn't have. I'm relatively new to RPGs like DA and while I did enjoy the game I think it wasn't as good as it should have been. It wasn't as deep as I was expecting but still worth playing IMO.

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Ocelot5253115d ago

"Gonna have my hands full with"

that's nasty

sid4gamerfreak3116d ago

Can't wait for this game too. I absolutely loved the first witcher, no doubt the second one is gonna be even more awesome. And with naked screenshots like these, no one in the right mind would resist this game.

OrganicMachine3116d ago

nice.. but I still got this feeling of Geralt looking toooooo new..

Nihilism3116d ago

I chose Shani over Triss, when you hear her conspiring at her mirror at the start it made me not trust her + when you choose her she basically tries to make Geralt whipped the second her chooser her, and I ain't goin' out like that.

ultramoot3116d ago

Same with me. I chose Shani over Triss. A girl like Shani is much more interesting, because something about Triss screamed "Slut".

ultramoot3115d ago

She can be the Princess of Persia, and I'd still have chosen Shani over her. I just hope Shani makes a comeback in this sequel, I really don't want to have to settle for Triss by default. (Damn, I'm starting to sound like a typical chick-flick.)

Simon_Brezhnev3115d ago

LMAO same here Shani looks better and yeah that mirror part i was like fuck this sneaky bitch im going with Shani.

Forbidden_Darkness3116d ago

They better bring the first one to consoles, otherwise i'll overlook this one too

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