PS3 Exclusive: Dynasty Warriors 6 - First Official Screens

Here are the first official screens released by Koei. The game is currently in development and has been announced for the Playstation 3 only.

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timmyp535422d ago

pick this game up looks nice

Kleptic5422d ago

...It looks better than that Dynasty Warriors: Gundam thing that we got a demo of a few weeks ago...

that was the stupidest game I think I have ever played...seriously...

VirusE5422d ago

Does anyone seriously still care? This franchise has been so over done at this point.

ShiftyLookingCow5422d ago

yeah with many good games, its hard to care about this. Sure it will sell truckloads in Japan.

MK_Red5422d ago

Agreed. They have made more than 12 games (Dynasty Warriors and Samuari Warriors and Empiresd / other expansions plus the new Orochi warrior...). Dynastay Warriors: GUNDAM was the final nail for the series coffin.

The first DW on PS2 was seriously stunning and addictive but sadly they didnt add much to that after DW2... Hope the series get a true "Batman Begins' overhaul.

Darkiewonder5422d ago

I'll say that with each iteration.

At least this LOOKS half next gen. Worth the look. But For god sakes KOEI, can you guys PLEASE listen to your fans and fix what NEEDS to be fixed. Oh and ONLINE CO-OP Thanks!

kewlkat0075422d ago

that appeared on the 360. These games do get repetitive as we all know. They have a niche market. This game will probably show up on both the PS3 and 360, when you have a niche market you wanna make as much as you can. I don't even think that 360 game sold much.

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The story is too old to be commented.