Msxbox - Call of Duty: Black Ops Preview

Msxbox-World recently got to witness Treyarch's forthcoming shooter first hand at an event in London, and have posted their impressions.

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Dorfdad3065d ago

Wish you would have reported on the multiplayer aspects. What if anything has changed from MW2 to Black Ops. MW2 is full of glitches that ruined gameplay and stats for most of us.. Who cares about D/K ration when for 7 month everyone glitched their way to a million kills?

Also any changes in the Perks, weapons what is new? yeah it has a story.. Also you mentioned 2 Player Split-Screen (is that online?) Split screen usually allows 4 local!

outrageous3065d ago

I'm sure they will get the same treatment as MW2 did last e3. MW2 went on to be the biggest selling game this gen. it still is selling. It does look VERY impressive.

ShadesMoolah3065d ago

Only showcased the single player portion of the game.