The Last Story - Shonen Jump scan

A new scan of The Last Story has been released.

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SpaceSquirrel3118d ago

The Last Story is coming along nicely.

Gandalf3118d ago

I bet this game will have towns.

Godmars2903118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Also not being made by Square Enix...

Would like to know 1) what are the real cost issues with making HD JRPGs and 2) aside from fanboy bit*hing, why can't they just go with a sub-HD model? I mean if they're going to complain about it, use it as an excuse, then don't use it.

Pretty sure the first "JRPGs" on the PS3 where $60-$90 date sims for crying out loud! That fu*king stupid Megazone 23 game!

SpoonyRedMage3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

It's not just costs with JRPGs, it's for all games. 360 and PS3 development is just too expensive and it means publishers have to concentrate on the big games that are guaranteed to sell loads.

The problem is made worse for JRPGs which often have bigger worlds and more varied enemies and the teams can be working on them for years and JRPGs don't sell well, particularily on consoles this gen. There's very little guarantee that they'll make money.

It's not the HD resolution that costs money either, it's the actual assets so if they were to adopt a cheaper model then there wouldn't be much point in putting them on the PS3 or 360 because they wouldn't look like PS3 or 360 games. You can see that strategy in Nippon Ichi's game, The Last Rebellion(that's right isn't it?).

It's particularily striking that Nippon Ichi's profits dropped 97% and they don't exactly break the bank with their games production values so imagine what could happen if they did?

That's why I think all three of the console makers got it wrong this gen, Sony and MS overshot the mark by lots and it's bit them(and a lot of third parties) in the ass and Nintendo undershot the mark(which has damaged their relationships with third parties).

Godmars2903117d ago

The current gen just happened too soon, with the only thing to fall back on the generic UE3 game engine which wasn't as easy to use as promised. And even then we still got PS2 level JRPGs, mostly on the HD system that wasn't really using HD for a good period and further hampering things by relying on DVD9 for storage.

Who knows what legitimate assets would have been there by waiting year or more if "someone" just didn't have to beat the other two more established console makers to market...

ClownBelt3118d ago

What a wasted title. Should have done it on the HD console, and that will bring the full potential of the game.

-MD-3118d ago

I actually agree with you ClownBelt.

qface643118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

you mean just like blue dragon? or all those other jrpgs that can barely be passed of as HD jrpg's

what full potential are you talking about

playerone3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

I would rather have big worlds and towns in my rpg thank you very much....looks at ff13 :(

480p wont kill me, bad voice acting and limited content might.

Davoh3118d ago

I don't particularly care about graphics, but if you're talking about big worlds and towns imagine what this game could achieve with on a blu-ray disc

Seferoth753117d ago

You dont have to imagine, just look at FF13 to see what HD development does to games...

That's probably one of the dumbest comments I've ever read on here.

ONe of the biggest HD RPGS just released. Has no towns or any of the stuff you are talking about. How can you claim it would be superior in HD when the proof says something different.

Not that it couldnt be done in HD but I wont want 10year development cycle for it. Took 13 5 years and look how it didnt include ANY of that stuff

n4f3117d ago

oh please, some game uses all blu-ray space and it short.
you press start and you finish the game .wtf is this shet

Davoh3117d ago

I was just saying that if a developer was to make a game with a big world and lots of towns, then obviously they'll be able to add more onto a blu-ray disc compared to a DVD, but it's up to the developer.

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RedPawn3118d ago

Wanna see video feed, looks interesting.

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