Why we want Persona 3 Portable

When the original Persona 3 hit shores in 2007, the game captivated RPG gamers hearts like no other. The perfectly meshed dating simulator and dungeon crawling was original and a fresh of breath air apart from the RPG cliches. Now we get to embrace this wonderful game again the PSP version

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dizzleK3431d ago

i like persona but unfortunately it horribly overshadows the other (imo superior) shin megami games like digital devil saga, devil summoner and nocturne. if anything i'd like ports of those because they're borderline collectors items.

vividamage1233431d ago

Yes that is very true however it overshadows because of how great it is. Thank god I was able to pick up Nocturne, DDS before they became so rare although nocturne costed me about 60 bucks.

Homicide3430d ago

I agree. Nocturne is, imo, the best RPG to hit the PS2, and I would love to see another game like Nocturne and even Digital Devil Saga. And don't say Strange Journey because that game was sort of disappointing.

What made Nocturne so great were the options of joining whichever side, a strong apocalyptic plot, the difficulty and highly strategic combat and character customization.

With that said, I'm very excited for Persona 3 Portable.