PS3 Dev: People Think PlayStation Home "Is Sh*t"

It must feel pretty strange when you work hard on something that you know most people think is a piece of garbage. That's exactly the case with PlayStation Home content developer Veemee's Kirk Ewing, who fully acknowledges that the game space doesn't have the most favorable view amongst the gaming public

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LordMarius4875d ago

How about you integrated more with PSN

Davoh4875d ago

I agree that the main problem is integration, the developers should just stop and ask themselves the question, why would anyone need to sign into home because;
if the user wanted to play games, that's what the whole ps3 is for
if the user wanted to meet people, that's what multiplayer game modes are for
if the user wanted to learn information, that's what the internet is for
Everything the PlaystationHome can do, can be done better without it.

IdleLeeSiuLung4875d ago

I agree with you, that the problem is PS Home has no goal! There is no real rime or reason for why I want to be there and then the whole thing is a mess of downloading and reloading of spaces.

With that said, the comment is pretty funny People think PS Home "is sh*t"! LOL!

pimpmaster4875d ago

you know what home needs, xp. every new area u go to gives u xp and activities in that area are also xp and u level up and get new clothes unlocks. i dont use home but im just sayin it be better than just walking around bored

BattleAxe4875d ago

They really screwed up by getting rid of voice chat. Also I think that if there were more games within the Home spaces, people would go on there more. Personally I think they should intergrate Qore with Home.

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Tony-A4875d ago

If it makes you feel any better:

No matter how well your product sells, the majority of people in the world haven't bought it.... and probably more than half of them never will.

Tony-A4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

That's not what I meant, but ok.

PS: To all those below. Don't judge Home based on what you saw months or even weeks prior. Asking for more spaces/minigames and things to do is like asking for something you already have.

They add that stuff every update (not firmware-style update) which is every two weeks.

spektical4875d ago

Home isnt bad. Thers always people on there, but i seldom use it. I think they need to incorporate all those ideas that they havent to make it worth while.

sikbeta4875d ago

Home Needs:

1·More Places
2·More Mini-Games/Games
3·More Things to do

Gothdom4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I agree, sikbeta. There was voice chat at some point, but people are what they are, and they had to turn it off because of verbal abuse.

Xi was fun and free. Sodium sucks balls and it costs too much (yeah, more than free is too much).

I gathered a couple of the free elements, but the menus of the wardrobe need a redesign. I've got like 50 T-shirts, but no accessories.

For awhile, there was a new space every 2 or 3 weeks. Don't know why this stopped.

Also, selling crap like a golden toilet for 6$... I still can't believe people bought that.

edit: I know it's stupid, but I kinda wish they would map a button with a "jump" function.

Anon19744875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

I hadn't logged in in months for the very reasons you stated (well, not voice chat. Couldn't really care.) Then in this month's episode of Qore they had an update on Home. I couldn't get over how many new spaces have been added just over the last few months. Home's exploded compared to what it was just a short while ago. I'd suggest you check it out again. I really like the new, XMB like interface they're using now and there's gotta be about 30 different gamespaces now on top of the regular homespaces with stuff to do.

I didn't realize it until I went into home but when I bought Batman AA, it unlocked the Batcave for my personal space. The freakn Bat Cave! That's so much cooler than that apartment you used to start with.

corneliuscrust4875d ago

FTL. Until they really increase the speed for the transitions between locations, it really is kind of a chore to get around.

Not a bad virtual environment, just too rough around too many edges at the moment. I have no doubt it will keep improving.

DA_SHREDDER4875d ago

Dont worry, Home is gonna be even more sick when cross game chat comes.

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pixelsword4875d ago

and the worst part is that there is no excuse for it; a lot of people gave great advice for changes that are either being put in SLOOOOWLY, or they're not listening at all.

Hotel_Moscow4875d ago

would you like to code for home

knight6264875d ago

Home is not a bad idea just needs to be more better

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Homicide4875d ago

Gameroom has a purpose unlike Home.

When I log in into Home, I walk around for a few minutes, and then log out. It has no purpose, nothing to do, etc. I'm not sure if they did it or not, but they need to get rid of waiting in lines to play mini-games.

iceman064875d ago

Home does have a purpose. It's real problem at the moment is that it is trying to serve many purposes at one time. It is loaded with spaces. It is loaded with advertisements, it's loaded with lots of extras to spend money on. BUT...it is just a bit disjointed. Load times aren't horrible, but could stand some improvement. Waiting lines have been eliminated.
I use Home as a long distance phone call for one of my friends. I see him online...message him to meet in home. Go to one of the many spaces...and just talk...while interacting with the environment.
My wish list for Home is simple. Better speed, integration, more free stuff. (that's when I usually return to it...when someone offers a new free space or something)