GameDaily: Vitality Sensor: Worth the Cash?

GameDaily writes: "Everyone expects Nintendo to make big announcements at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo. A new Zelda is on the way, and gamers can't wait to catch a glimpse or at least learn something about the company's 3DS handheld. Then we have the Vitality Sensor, the funky looking peripheral first revealed almost a year ago at the publisher's pre-E3 press conference. Aside from being identified as a pulse oximeter, a device that measures oxygen saturation of a person's blood and displays their heart rate, the device remains a mystery."

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Kingofalltrolls3065d ago

Yes I mean not for gamers but for Nintendo. Look at the WII fit

asdr3wsfas3065d ago

Depends on the games that use it. A capcom fighter that changes attack styles depending on heart rate? God that would rock.

Samus HD3065d ago

wii the best for motion controls