Xbox Evolved: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Xbox Evolved writes: "For anyone who never got the chance to play the Sands of Time, it was as close to being a masterpiece of any platforming, action-adventure game. The second game, Warrior Within, represented some kind of teenage puberty stage of rebellion for the series as the Prince grew out his hair, talked in a gruff American voice, and somehow allowed heavy metal to infiltrate his iPod. It wasn’t all bad since at least the combat underwent massive improvements. The third and final game in that story, the Two Thrones, desperately tried to reclaim the charm of the first but tried a little bit too hard and felt like an extremely obvious and lame attempt to regain the fanbase after how bad the last game went. I was glad to see the Sands of Time trilogy to end on at least a good note."

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