Far Cry 2 in Spring 2008

Ubisoft has finally officially confirmed that Far Cry 2 is in the works and, like its predecessor, it looks set to be another sun-baked shoot out. While the original Far Cry was set on a lush tropical paradise, judging by the game's newly launched teaser site the sequel looks to be moving to a much more arid location.

The only other details released at this stage are that the game is currently scheduled for release on PC in Spring 2008 and is being developed at Ubisoft's Montreal studio.

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ALI G5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

will justify spending 5000$ in PC

crysis+farcry2=i will not be playing consoles for a while

ShiftyLookingCow5425d ago

I am so sick and tired of these over inflated costs. Building a good gaming rig is expensive but not that expensive unless ... Are you going to buy your system instead of building one yourself? I am sure many here would recommend you build your own, its not that hard in fact these days its almost easy to build one yourself.

ShiftyLookingCow5425d ago

Far Cry 2 is obviously not being developed by Crytek. Unless Ubisoft shows something promising, I don't care about this game. Ubisoft these days loves to milk whatever ip they got.