Slim PSP to hit UK before Japan - Confirmed

MCV understands that 'version two' of Sony's PSP will arrive in British stores before the console reaches Japan in September – and will be priced at €169 (around £114).

Sony this week announced that the machine would be launched in Japan on September 20th, priced at Y19,800 (around £80).
And now both Sony Europe president David Reeves and reliable retail sources have revealed the details of the console's UK launch to MCV.

A spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed to, "As David said in his speech last week, the new PSP will launch in early September and will be the same price as the existing one."

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MaximusPrime4112d ago

nice to hear that it will be comin to UK first. I hope that will be true.

Even though i have the PSP, i can't wait to get my hand on PSP lite .

Babylonian4112d ago

Will get this right away after it's release. I can't wait to play my already purchased 8 UMDs.

SuperSaiyan44112d ago

Well Kaz said it would be cheaper but I doubt its gonna be £114 for UK since that price was based on a conversion from €169.

I guess it will be £119.99 in the UK but £114.99 would be a better price point imo so its more inline with the DS.

PS360WII4112d ago

Sony is now very happy with the UK. Kind of funny how all the consoles have there own territory. It's a good game of Risk we are seeing be played out. I usually got Europe in Risk and that's a tough one to hold seeing that you have 3 fronts to watch out for and all... oh wait I don't think a board game has anything to do with this ><