The player: Red Dead Redemption is great - except for the clunky writing

Guardian writes: "If, like me, you hear clip-clop noises wherever you go and keep trying to whistle for your car, you've probably been playing the new game Red Dead Redemption. Constantly. At the expense of sleep, food and social life.

Red Dead Redemption, or Grand Theft Horsey as some wags are calling it, is great: missions range from shooting outlaws to collecting wild herbs, the scenery is exquisite, the movement of the horses, armadillos and snakes beautiful and the history convincing."

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dgroundwater3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

I remember being fairly impressed with most of GTAIV's dialogue. Then again I'm no critic, and I haven't played RDR.


Being fairly unimpressed with GTA4's writing and.............again with RDR's stereotypical monotony.
The wild west was 'have gun will travel' 'me,my horse,my gun','they are evil men.....but men to me','I killed him second were 31 years too late'.....
So much potential,so little potential realised.

pody3091d ago

I feel like Red Dead has some of the best voiceacting and writing in a game by far.
Only Heavy Rain compares i guess. I haven't really noticed any bad writing. You gotta be really listening if you wanna find some. And when the voice acting is top notch, i can't really complain. Its worse if it's the other way around.

And the ones that are in there, is it really such a big deal that you have to make a article about it? There is alot of bad writing in movies too!


In my humble opinion,FF12 had superb voice-acting,mgs4 superb,Heavenly....
It was great early on but fell apart later

pody3091d ago

I actually forgot MGS4. Haven't played the other two. I have played just a little less then half so i dont know how it gets later. Maybe you're right.

GeoScore3091d ago

You are a complete moron - The writing is freaking BRILLIANT! I'm constantly surprised by the witty remarks and the story is fantastic. "Writing is clunky" my ass - sounds to me like you wouldn't know a solid script if it hit you in the face...