Moore offers parting shot on PS3

Outgoing Xbox chief Peter Moore says what Playstation 3 needs is a "dramatic, decisive drop to $399," and praises Nintendo's success: "simply because they deserve it."

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ALI G4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

the " too much Nectar" start taking effect

"Overdosing on Nectar does a multitude of things. Friendly forces may appear as enemies"


marinelife94199d ago

Why would anyone take console advice from Peter Moore? Look at his track record with the last three he's worked on?

dantesparda4199d ago

I dont think that he said anything bad at all, but instead is rather giving Sony helpful advice (he probably wants it to do well now, so they can sell more EA games on it)

nice_cuppa4199d ago

as you all know i like Xbox.
i will like ps3 as well next year.

but there is no need for comments like this.
i'm sure Sony has a plan.


PS360PCROCKS4199d ago

comments like this? What, mature ones? All he said was "PS3 needs to get to $399" That's his opinion, it's better than Sony saying "Nintendo is a gimmick"

nobizlikesnowbiz4199d ago


Not to mention, the 360 is a "lame chef" or whatever. And the Wii is a "lollipop" that doesn't last.

It goes both ways folks.

Moore doesn't seem as assholish about it though IMO.

Blood_Spiller4199d ago

I guess it's best he get in all the shots he can at Sony while he's still working for Microsoft because in a couple of months he'll have to start working with Sony; give'r hard Mr. Moore, give'r hard.

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The story is too old to be commented.