PS3 surprises ready for Leipzig: Video-on-demand, Freeview TV and price cut expected

MCV believes that SCEE is readying a number of significant announcements for next month's Leipzig Games Convention - with a possible European PS3 price-cut leading the way.

Whilst Sony has not confirmed its exact Leipzig plan, MCV believes that territories across Europe and other export markets could also be getting video-on-demand services and Freeview TV features this side of Christmas.

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jromao4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

Pro Evo Soccer 2008 playable DEMO will be there, let's hope we get it in store too.

computer4928d ago

I am totally ready for more surprises from Sony.. AHH the anticipation!
Can't wait!

rev204928d ago

If you got freeview tv with ya ps3 it would be immense you would actually only need one machine to do all ya entertainment needs

blu ray
internet browser
freeview tv

All on the one system for no extra charge this would make the ps3 the ultimate media centre for your home, hope its true

Have to wait and see

Lex Luthor4928d ago

You do realise you can pick a freeview box for under £20.

MJY2K4928d ago

What's the date of the Leipzig Games Convention?

R0l34928d ago

And it's a good thing. Freeview would be orgasmic.

gaffyh4928d ago

How could it possibly do freeview? I'm pretty sure we would have to buy an extra peripheral or something, seems too good to be true, also most people already have freeview in UK, they should offer some specific channels for free (that aren't on freeview already) and get a deal with some really good channels.

rev204928d ago

Possibly streamed over the net, or bring out a new peripheral.

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The story is too old to be commented.