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Ben Kuchera of ArsTechnica writes:

"We saw a lot of great games at E3 last week, but one of our favorites was Stranglehold, an action title that had some great ideas about how to be more like a movie while at the same time not giving up the interactivity of a good game. We knew for a while that Midway was going to take advantage of the extended space provided by Blu-ray on the PS3 and include the movie prequel to game, Hard Boiled, on the special edition disc. But will the movie take advantage of the format? News from Evil Avatar gives us the good word:

Short and sweet. There was some confusion, but I just got confirmation that the Special Edition of Stranglehold on the Playstation 3 will indeed include a Remastered Hi-Def version of Hard Boiled. There was some confusion on whether the movie would be in standard definition or not."

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Ebay3rd5422d ago

Cool a movie and a game I like where they are going with that one...

lVlemphizStylez5422d ago

you arent seriously anticipating a game with this guy in it are you???? I'd play a game with jet li before one with him...

mastermindnate5422d ago

Mr. Fat is amazing! He is a pioneer... Jon Woo does not just chose some random joe shmoe to play a part like this. In the movie or the game...

lVlemphizStylez5422d ago

= / it looks kinda cheesy IMO...

InMyOpinion5422d ago

I guess you haven't seen The Killer then...

Btw, this isn't news. It's been posted long ago.

rubarb235422d ago

Hard Boiled is an amazing movie. This game looks amazing, can't wait for it to come out! Hey has anyone here seen "the killer" by John Woo and Mr. Fat? also an amazing movie!

ShiftyLookingCow5422d ago

I hope the PS3 version of the game is not poorer than 360's in anyway, as the PS3 Collectors Edition is the best version as far as content goes

MK_Red5422d ago

Now I definitly have to get the PS3 SE. Remastered HD Hard Boiled!? I would buy the thing even if there wasnt a game on disk let alone the full sequel, Stranglehold.

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