Nine kingsize Lost Planet screenshots has posted some new Lost Planet screenshots.

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shotty5401d ago

These are the best screens I have seen for any game period. They are so sharp.

Bhai5400d ago

Man, you need to check out that sanity meter of yours, for although I for one, am not interested in getting a x360, but do understand that gears of war looks and plays much better than this one. This title is a total swab, its about the ilk of current-gen, that's all.

BadTaste5400d ago

"The game will have multiplayer support on Xbox Live and Capcom is aiming for 32 players online.Cooperative play has been announced, but there is no confirmation on whether there will be competitive gameplay.

It has been announced that the multiplayer features of the game will debut at the Game Convention at Leipzig in August 2006. It is the first time such features will have been shown to the public." (Wikipedia)

super bill5400d ago

i suppose this game will be half price in america.why us british will have to pay double.i not paying double,thats why i cant wait for the true next gen console to come out wich is the i can trade that america xbox crappy 360 in for a ps3.

Bhai5400d ago

Yup, only gears of war is what looks to be upbringing anything next-gen like on the 360, other than that, most of the stuff is like current-gen xbox games running on PC GPUs.

TheMART5400d ago

Super bill, I guess you don't even own a 360.

For the both of you, this game looks better then any title announced on the PSZero so far in real ingame footage instead of that CGI sh*t Sony puts out

Gamer135400d ago (Edited 5400d ago )

And this game is on top of my Most Wanted list.
Here a link to some trailers of this agme.
To super bill you don,t now what you saying this game looks 100 percent next gen, and the link that i give will prove it or maybe the super bill can,t see well.