Retro Overrated : Ridge Racer

Retro Fusion looks back at the games that got world wide acclaim - but were they that good? The first in the series is Ridge Racer on the original Playstation. Original or Overrated?

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RedPawn3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Yes because games looked & played like Forza 3 & Gran Turismo 5 back in the day.

These were the some of the best arcade days last HURRAH's.

MrBuffalo3066d ago

At the time it was absolutely incredible and to me the time my brothers and I turned on our imported playstation for the first time and saw this is probably my personal biggest moment in gaming. It was such a leap at the time. Not so much the image quality but the fact that it moved at a constant and smooth 30 fps. Im 30 and I seriously doubt the writer is old enough to appreciate what this game did when it became available in late 1994. GT was 3 years away. Consider this. The best pc at the time was perhaps a 66mhz pentium or a 486 dx2 or dx4. Graphics cards or 3d accelerators werent there. It cost £1500 for a powerful pc that could run decent graphics and the playstation (and even the saturn with virtua fighter) destroyed it. I doubt there will ever be anything to make as big an impact again. For a game it was also supper fun. Its a landmark in gaming and I hope some of those Namco and Sega mid nineties arcade classics come to arcade or PSN. Daytona anyone?