Mercedes’ GT5 Cross-Promotions Begin

Since we first learned that the company’s new SLS-AMG would grace GT5’s cover, the company has been increasingly open about their affiliation with the game. First it was the showcased GT5 demo at their headquarter’s museum and dealers across Europe, but now they’re expanding use of the game as they integrate it with their international marketing efforts, as seen in Mercedes’ new Facebook game “Behind the Speed”. This simple game comes with a lucrative prize: a free copy of Gran Turismo 5 and your very own VisionRacer VR3 driving rig.

The competitions is open to everyone until July 12th, so head on over to Facebook and give it your best shot. At the very least, perhaps it will help keep you busy until Sony’s E3 press conference – now just a few short weeks away…

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Theonik3066d ago (Edited 3066d ago )

Hopefully we get a release date on E3. I am so hyped for this game.
Played the game now. Hope i win.

Theonik3066d ago

Will have to do the weight thing tomorrow.

R_aVe_N3066d ago

That is one HOT!!! car!

Killzone3Helghast3066d ago

remember people.. one out of 800+ cars

Don't limit yourself

nefertis3066d ago

It feel so good to be a proud ps3 owner.

3066d ago
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