TheGameFanatics: How I Feel About Project Natal

Jen from TGF writes:

"I woke up this morning feeling like I needed a workout, so what did I do? Blew the dust off my Wii and busted in some Wii Resort action. Now here I am, two hours later with my wake-boarding challenge on pause sitting at my laptop about to berate Microsoft…ah the joys of summertime."


Jen did not write this story. Instead, Charles wrote it.

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Al Bundy3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

"Project Natal…what are you? What can I do with you? Power my 360 with my voice? Imagine a controller in my hand and play kindergarten PS Eye games on you? Natal…if that’s even your real name, how are you going to benefit me? I’m not trying to engage in physical activity while playing a video game…I don’t want to have to duck behind my couch when going for cover is Gears of War or point my finger at the screen and go pew! pew!"

Exactly how I feel. How can you have a great gaming experience without buttons? I know Natal is mainly aimed at the Wii crowd but their not leaving Mario for kickball.

Moonboots3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

You act as if MS is going to make everyone throw away their controllers.. Chill man, the 360 will still have plenty of games that support the controller. Who knows we might even see some controller/Natal hybrids.

Natal just might not be for everybody. If you don't like don't buy.

claterz3092d ago

"Who knows we might even see some controller/Natal hybrids." That's probably the only thing MS can do to try sell Natal to hardcore gamers, using a normal controller + voice recognition might be cool for some games.

Cenobia3092d ago

But since every 360 comes with a Mic and I was under the impression that voice recognition was software based (seeing as how Seaman on the Dreamcast and Socom on the PS2 did it), why even bother with Natal?

I just don't understand how voice recognition is being labelled as a feature of hardware. Does it make every game automatically recognize voice? That could just be a 360 firmware update couldn't it?

karl3092d ago

that NATAL/CONTROLLER wont happen...

MS doesnt have first party studios.. so there is no one who will make 360games with natal...

no hardcore games at least since they need to be on ps3....

u will get stuck with fable and Gow3 "IF" which i doubt

Ult iMate3092d ago

"Natal/Controller" ruins the whole idea of "you are the controller" that MS was talking about.

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Bigpappy3092d ago

This is the kind of drivel that you will only get approved here at N4G. Gotta love the PS3 crowd. Pew, Pew. LOL

MastermindPS3603092d ago

he is just a raging fan boy with useless comments....just ignore him

and if any thing AL the MOVE is aim at the Wii crowd much more than Natal why......cause its a copy and paste of the wii-mote and nun chuck

sikbeta3092d ago

So that's all you have to say?

lol... by your logic natal is hardcorez cos PS-Move is a "copy and paste" of the wii-mote.... Lame "Argument" Ever...

Do you really believe MS is making natal for hardcore gamers? Bwahaha...

I thought they were making it cos they want a chunk of wii sales, the same as Sony...


Cenobia3092d ago

I just don't believe that Natal is capable of any interesting implementations. I have yet to see how you can move more than 3 feet in each direction, meaning its useless for moving in any real 3d world.

Right now it looks like a really fancy version of Pong. MS better have some insane games at E3.

Light Yagami3092d ago

LOL @ Al being scared. Cry moar. The media doesn't care about Move.

cayal3092d ago

At least former Sony bosses aren't saying Natal will fail.

LOL. That's a quality endorsement for Natal.

Ult iMate3092d ago (Edited 3092d ago )

The media won't bring you games.
GT5, LBP2, SOCOM 4, Ape Escape (and RE5, but I'm not sure about it) are supporting Move.
I said this earlier, and I say this once again: games are all tha matter, not media. You are not playing media on your console. You're playing games.

niceguywii603092d ago

PS3 fanboys are going to Be kicking and screaming the whole way to next gen where Sony will have a better chance of fighting the game changer we call Natal

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N4GAddict3092d ago

Natal will have a hard time selling if it's priced at $150

Al Bundy3092d ago

Remember, when Natal was rumored at $200 Microsoft quickly responded and said that was not true. Now Natal is rumored to be $150 and Microsoft still haven't issued a statement denying it.

The Maxx3092d ago

So they were right when they said it wasn't $200.

dizzleK3092d ago

i agree. i don't want any of this shit. focus on making some games that i want to keep for more than a week. focus on making dependable hardware. focus on something PERIOD. i understand that consoles these days are able to evolve....yet why do i feel like i'm participating in a $300 beta test? they're all in such a rush to get these consoles to do everything that they end up doing nothing well.

so now we'll all get to beta test another distraction. god bless the guinea pigs. everything that could possibly be wrong with the hobby is occurring this gen-bad games, bad consoles, bad dependability, dlc, nickel & diming, pay-to-play, short bug filled games, hardware that eats the games, digital rights issues, etc.

but we let it happen. and we'll keep buying and buying and buying.

mrv3213092d ago

Can any show me article proving XBOX LIVE support for Natal or Microsoft saying Natal will support online multiplayer?

If not Natal is pointless for me since I bought a 360 for it's online.

hoops3092d ago

We have to wait and see at E3. If they show that damn ball game again then fu** Natal. But I say give it a chance and lets see what it can do at E3 besides that ball game LOL

webeblazing3092d ago

yea everybody give it a chance hopefully it do what promised or work if not o well. e3 in a few weeks we ll see sonn anuff. i just hope it aint a eyetoy cuz ill b pissed.

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